An edit to a previous post

When I mentioned people having “too much” I misspoke (man, I could be a policitian!). I was quite upset when I wrote that as I had just been told that my lack of ownership somehow made me less worthy by someone who said they didn’t care about education because they didn’t have kids.

I don’t really believe that people have “too much.” I do, however, feel there is a responsibility that comes with success, any level of success. In general, folks should do the right thing. Many wealthy would pay someone copious amounts of money to avoid taxes. When my father was in the oil business he had a business acquaintance who figured he paid an accountant $100,000 a year (this was in the 80’s) to avoid about $100,000 in taxes.  His reasoning was he would be mad if the government was going to get his money. I never understood that.

We are so fortunate to live in this country, every damn one of us, whether rich or poor. But there is responsibility associated with this good fortune also, and that is taxes. If 95% of the nation are going to see tax cuts,  isn’t that what a democracy is about? The greatest good for the greatest amount of people?

I hope like hell to one day be part of the top 5% of the economy in the United States and if I am and seriously believe that by bringing home only $162,500 of my $250,000 salary makes me feel that I am poor, please someone smack me!