Random Facts

Here is a collection of random things that everyone is dying to know about me–ha ha ha

  1. my initials are HRH and I am fine with people treating me as royalty.
  2. I love carbohydrates…..they may be my one TRUE love.
  3. If carbs ARE NOT my one true love, then my dog Noodle is. Getting him makes me understand that I probably shouldn’t have children if for no other reason then to avoid the obsessive behavior that will accompany them.
  4. I fear that if I don’t have children, all the weird, wacky and wonderful experiences of my life will die with me.
  5. I like to match my underwear to my outfit.
  6. My memory is very effected by smell.
  7. I have very little inherent creative talent, but I like to surround myself with those who do.
  8. Trivia is where I shine.
  9. I once got kicked out of Denny’s for singing the Beastie Boys “Paul Revere”–the whole thing. While standing on a chair. After eating a “Moons Over My Hammy!”
  10. I judge “fast casual” restaraunts by their ranch dressing.
  11. I have two cats. I love them. I had to get a dog instead of another cat to avoid being “crazy cat lady,”–a peril of being single.
  12. I love boys.
  13. I was tasered in high school.
  14. I carried around a snoopy MUCH later then I should have. I ended up having a small piece of his ear that I would sleep with. I lost that at the age of 22, in a Vegas hotel. Snoopy deserved better then that.
  15. I can be a dumbass AND a smart ass–often simultaneously.
  16. I had a job I hated for 5 years.
  17. My boss at my old job once told someone that I “could not be saved.” It was a Christian company.
  18. Musicians can get away with anything with me.
  19. I don’t like to write in blue ink.
  20. The company I currently work for often provides beer. It is NOT a “Christian” company.
  21. I like the way boys smell…even when they are kind of dirty.
  22. I don’t like it when my dog smells dirty, or gets wet. Good thing he likes the hair dryer.
  23. Sometimes I wake up and am sucking my thumb.
  24. I like to read quotes and intend to quote folks in my daily speech. Instead I usually just say stupid things….or quote lyrics or movies.
  25. Shoes and handbags are my weaknesses, well, those and cute boys….and tonic drinks….
  26. When I go to concerts, I like to sit in the even numbered seat.
  27. My tongue is very short.
  28. My second toe is longer then my big toe—which is rumored to be a sign of intelligence.
  29. The first song I heard at work today was “Miss Independent” by Kelly Clarkson…and it pretty much made me able to handle anything thrown my way!
  30. I am a Sagittarius. When asked at about 4 years old what my sign was (God love the 70s!) I said “vegetarian”–I say it was pure wit–not stupidity!
  31. I love lip gloss and any other lip product.
  32. I cannot tell you what my natural haircolor is as I am sure it has changed in the 16 years I’ve been coloring it.
  33. My nicknames include; Heeter Lou, Goochybird, Guccia, Birdhead, Heathera, Steve Guchenberg, Ha Ha (pronounced “hey hey”) and Gucci….to name a few.
  34. I can tie a knot in a cherry stem using my tongue.
  35. I would rather freeze to death then burn to death (although I’d rather die peacefully in my sleep most of all!)
  36. I like tattoos.
  37. Celebrity gossip is something I can’t break myself away from.
  38. I am a voyeur, which is why myspace is so lovely!
  39. The word lovely makes me smile. I can use it in both positive and negative ways. I can even use it sarcastically.
  40. Sarcasm must be had to survive in my family.
  41. Often times I don’t think I know what I’m doing at work….but it all seems to work out.
  42. I think I have body dysmporhic disorder—but the opposite of most. I think my body looks better then it actually does. 🙂
  43. Deviled eggs make me happy, unless they have onion in them.
  44. I’ve been on “America’s Funniest People.”
  45. No, you can’t see the tape.
  46. I was once in two newspapers on the same day for different reasons. Neither of which were crime related.
  47. I wrote a play with 2 other people in the 2nd grade. We performed it for the school. I was Suzy Stegosaurus. That was one of the reasons I was in the newspaper.
  48. I’m an only child.
  49. I once got busy in a Burger King bathroom. Ok–not really, but if you know where that line comes from is it pretty safe to say we can be best friends.
  50. I know for a fact that the security guards at the Flamingo in Las Vegas, frown on you singing “Cheeseburger in Paradise” while walking along the edge of their planters in the casino.

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