New T-shirts!

I don’t wear t-shirts that often, but am obsessed with all of the great designs there are out there. Yes….Threadless and sites like it are my crack, I can’t help it.

Here are the two shirts I received today:

I’m thinking of making pillows out of all the cool t-shirts I have already or find and using them to decorate the second bedroom I will have in a few months when I move. Gotta support those creative types out there 🙂

AHC Day 28!

It’s not an earth shattering or emotional thing, but Threadless, the home of some of the coolest t-shirts you will ever see is having a big sale.  Most t-shirts are only $10.

Check out the site for a good way to waste time also.  Designs are all voted on by users prior to being printed and it’s fun to be a part time art critic 🙂

Go ahead….DO IT!

Boys, boys, boys, boys, boys, dog, cats, boys, work, boys, boys……

It’s that time of the month again.  Not THAT time, but the time of the month where I have the hormonal load of a 14 year old boy.  That third row of pills in my bc pack should just be green m&ms for the effect they have on me.  Each venture out of my door means the possibility I might run into a cute boy and jump his bones.

Luckily I have SOME control over myself, although it just might be low self-esteem.  Wait, if I had REALLY low self-esteem I would be sleeping with anyone and everyone, so I at least still have some morals….phew!

This warm weather doesn’t help.  Boys are busting out the baggy shorts and cute t-shirts and are all tan and such.  More random skin is on the streets then usual.  It’s rough…..but I like it. 

Took Noodle to the dog park the other day and think it will make for good boy watching this weekend.  As a friend said, a guy with a dog shows responsibility 🙂  And to watch a boy run around and play with his dog, or pet my needy little guy would melt my heart, in a good way.

I’ve even developed a crush on the redneck boy at the meat & three my Dad and I go to lunch at.  Yeah–that’s healthy.  I’m telling you…the cute boys are everywhere and I have my eye on every last, single, tattooed, beard-having, camo short wearing, indie rock listening, beer drinking one.

Consider yourselves warned.

New Obsession

Ok–so my new obsession is a boy–no really. But he has some sub-obsessions that come along with him (don’t they all!). Through my obsessing over him, I have been introduced to this. It feeds my love for creative people, cuteness, t-shirts and control. You can not only buy things, but you get to vote on the the designs to determine what will get printed. Oh–and if you need to kill some time, vote and then read the designer interviews–good stuff.

I am behind the times on this….eh, what’s new. But it’s fun.