Happy Anniversary to Me!

Seven years ago today I became an official resident of Nashville.  I moved into my little apartment with only a bed, a TV, a stereo, 2,000 CDs, an air mattress and a lawn chair.  It was the scariest and most exciting thing I had ever done.  I had no job.  I knew no one.  I had enough money to live for about 2 months. The first few days were exciting.  The next couple of months were terrible.  Then I started to make friends. I had a job that was paying the bills nicely. I went out more–which is good since my apartment was way more ghetto then I had noticed moving in and the shootings and drug busts seemed to happen in the late evening and were all cleaned up by the time I got home.

I fell madly in love, not with a person, but with my city.  The place I had decided to make my home felt more like my home then any place I had ever lived.  The first time I flew back to L.A. I was almost sick at the thought of leaving.  I remember being at the Cleveland airport waiting for my connecting flight and the gate next to mine was a flight to Nashville and I just wanted to get on it and go home!  I missed my L.A. friends and my mom terribly….but it simply wasn’t home any more.

In the past 7 years I have laughed more and cried more and learned more then in the 26 years before. I have met the most amazing people. I have made the most wonderful friends.  I have stayed in touch with my L.A. friends (something I’m quite proud of!) and have even shown them the wonders of Nashville and they too, have quite a crush on this city of mine. I am still dumbstruck at the natural beauty of this area. 

I  love the creativity that seems to permeate the air. I love the fact that on Sundays, it feels like a very small town, it’s so quiet and slow and lovely. I love the smell right after a big thunderstorm. I love the smell of the air when you cross the state lines (the air in Tennessee is just sweeter…I don’t know why!) I love that I can eat corn nuggets at a meat and three and thai food on the same day. I love sitting in Centennial park and reading. I love seeing indie movies at the Belcourt and drinking fair trade coffee at Fido. I love knowing that macaroni and cheese is a vegetable and that sushi is great fried.  I love to sit on the patio at Jackson’s and drink vodka tonics with my friends AND my dog. I love the country boys in pick-ups and the rocker boys in black. I love popsicles from Las Paletas and sweet potato fries from Bobbie’s Dairy Dip.  I love that I “rescued” all three of my pets…..but I know that they actually rescued me. I love Thirsty Thursday at Greer Stadium. I love being able to hear the cannon when the Titans score a touchdown. I love hearing a song on the radio and know that the artist was at the table next to me the night before. I love being an 8 hour drive away from Chicago. I love being a half hour drive from the middle of nowhere. I love tomatoes in late July and shephard’s pie at Family Wash in late January. I love being able to walk into Corner Bar and have my drink ready for me before I sit down. I love that we now have a Sephora AND multiple places to get good fish tacos. I love pupusas at Las Americas and the accessories at Pangea. Really, the list goes on and on and on……

I can’t believe it’s been 7 years.  Somedays it feels like I just got here and other days it feels like I’ve lived here my whole life.  I’ve had a pretty transient life, but I now know that I have found my home and that is a very re-assuring fact.


Blogette 13

My toes are freezing!

It smells of macaroni and cheese in the office.

Granny smith apples and peanut butter are a lovely snack.

It’s corn nugget day at the meat & three, but I don’t feel cute enough to face my redneck crush.

*sigh* BOYS! *sigh*

That is all. Nothing more to see here. Move along.

blogette 7

WHY NOW!??!?!?

All day I’ ve had NOTHING to do. Now, with just over an hour left in my day, the requests and needs are flying in.  Where have you people been all day?  I’ve looked at pictures of Mount Rushmore made out of cheese for Christ’s sake.

Spread it out a bit more tomorrow people, really.

That is all.  Nothing more to see here.  Move along.

The Weekend In Review

This weekend wasn’t a big exciting weekend…but it was a good weekend and I woke up smiling this morning….so that’s got to be something. 

Friday: Worked, well, sat at work and tried to figure out things to do to pass the time.  Sad, sad day on my time sheet as far as billable hours were concerned.  Half of the office was on vacation…even if there were things to be done, no one was there to do them.  Got new brakes on the Little Red Rocket…and I mean the whole nine yards, rotors, pads, and even wheel cylinders.  WOO HOO!  I can stop like all the other cars now.  Stopped at Target on the way home and got a sweet new flat iron (it was needed, new haircut+ cracked flat iron = need to new flat iron) and I got some Brita filters too (I know how to party AND hydrate).  The filters were on sale AND I got a $5 Target gift card that had a cute hologram of a puppy rolling over on it. I also got a cute flowered fabric purse I had had my eyes on for awhile that was 30% off.  Went home, watched some “What Not to Wear” and fell asleep on the couch.  Yeah, I’m a party girl, what can I say. 

Saturday: Was awoken by Noodle kisses.  Got up, walked him, took a shower and met Ear Injury at DSW for the beginning of what would be Shop-a-palooza 2007!  DSW was having their end of summer sale (don’t ask) and before Ear injury even got there, I had picked up 2 purses, both under $15 with retail prices of $85 and $150!  One was a b-day gift for my mom….she’ll love it.  Then I found the elusive dark brown flip flops I had been searching for.  Born’s also….for like $25!!!  YES!  We hit Old Navy , and we hit it HARD!  There were two shirts that I had wanted for awhile that were both on sale for $8.  I also got a cute babydoll sweater that can take me into fall and a little black dress that will ROCK once I get this tan in better order. Then we stopped at Target for a bit (got some cute earrings and a tasty beverage) before arriving at the mall.  We didn’t go THAT many places in the mall, but it seemed like we were there FOREVER!  After failing at our quest to get a pretzel—stupid directory—we both but ourselves off and went home.  We won’t even get into the crazy kiosk lady who was doing the full court press to get us to buy this nail buffer.  I wonder how that one thumbnail is looking……  I went home and passed out for 2 hours.  I was BEAT!  I think I pulled a muscle carrying all my packages, or it might have been the 38lb thing of kitty litter (where’s a boy when you need him!?)  After the nap I went to dinner with Pops, got my first pair of Crocs ( I LOVE THEM!) and we went to see Ratatouille.  That movie was really cute and, as most pixar things are, really well done.  I was so tired when I got home that I fell asleep on top of my covers, in my clothes, including my Crocs (which had been put on in response to the scary blisters I got from the super cute skimmers I had worn to dinner). I woke up Sunday am with my furry friends all around me, the kitchen and bedroom light on and fully clothed—and NOT hungover, interesting. 

Sunday: I was all rested from the previous day’s festivities and it wasn’t bloody hot outside, so Noodle and I hit the dog park.  There were a surprising number of dogs there for 9:30 on Sunday morning, or at least is surprised me.  I don’t see 9:30 Sunday morning outside of my house very often.  Noodle took off like a bolt of lightning when we got there and went to town.  Lots of butt sniffing and licking.  He ran with the pack for awhile, then started hitting up the other humans.  He loves the attention of humans. This big black dog kept running up and knocking Noodle over and rolling around with him.  Noodle was NOT amused.  He squealed and ran over to me every time.  Poor little Mama’s Boy!  Once he stopped running around, I decided to take his dirty butt home.  My normally white dog was now FILTHY!!!!  So we got home and he instantly got in the bath.  He was so worn out that he didn’t seem to mind the bath at all.  He even fell asleep while I was blow drying him.  Once he was all taken care of, I went to the pool.  No one was there.  I had the joint completely to myself.  I hopped on my hot pink floaty and read for awhile.  Then I got sleepy and decided to float, sleep and tan at the same time—I love to multi-task!  All was well and good until the heavens opened up and raindrops so big that they hurt started to pelt me.  I ran under a tree with all my stuff trying to decide if it was a 5 minute storm.  Once it thundered,  I decided it wasn’t.  I scurried into the house.  I opened the patio door to listen to the rain and fell asleep with Noodle and Kobe (Fergus was in his own bed) on the couch for a lovely Sunday afternoon nap.  Didn’t get much sun time, but I have Wednesday and all next weekend to make up for it. Went to dinner with my Pops at Las Palmas, then went home, did some laundry and called to see what was up with my internet (I had been unable to get online at home for 4 days…I had myspace withdrawls BIG TIME!) Come to find out, the ONE button I hadn’t touched in attempts to fix things myself was the magic button.  LAME! But all’s well that ends well.  I caught up on Mr. T’s life—got himself an iPhone, and responded to emails, etc…. Then I watched 4 “Gay Robot” clips on YouTube—which were really funny and went to bed, IN MY BED!!!

It’s dead at work this week, but that’s alright I guess.  Not sure how I’ll pass the time, but I’m sure I will.  Cheesecake Factory for a b-day tonight, pre-trivia.  Party tomorrow night.  Wednesday, lots of pool time….then who knows what for the rest of the week.  There better be some smooching with cute boys this week…..I’m just saying.


Strange phenomenon

My life is a series of strange phenomenons.  For example…no matter what…the second I start to do dishes, I have to pee.  EVERY TIME!  I thought I would grow out of this, like many things, I have not.

My current variation on this is entering my time at work.  I have had my current job for 5 months (5 months exactly actually–neat!) and I had been VERY good about putting all my time in before leaving…..until a couple of weeks ago when I would wait until the next morning, etc…  Now I sit here, with ALL of this week’s time to enter and I simply can’t do it.  I’ve opened the application, I’m checking my notes…..but I can’t do it!  I’m always aware of my issues…just never sure how to deal with them 🙂

I re-joined eMusic today and cannot wait to get home and get to downloading.  I also found out that my pool is FINALLY open…..pasty me will be a thing of the past soon enough.

Noodle has one more week before he gets snipped….I feel like I should get him a puppy prostitute or something.  That might be more of a “dad’s” job and since he doesn’t have one, he will just have to be able to deal with not knowing the love of a lady dog.  I will be his only “bitch!”

Dehydration is imminent

We had a bit of an issue in the office yesterday.  Apparently the sewer line backed up into the water lines.  Infiltrating the ice maker, the refrigerator and God knows what else.  The upstairs bathrooms (which are right across from my office) were rendered out of order.  It was chaos.  Stinky, horrible, smelly, gross chaos.

The smell is gone now….but the results linger.  The bathrooms are back working….but there is great fear of the water supply.  No one is touching the ice maker.  People are putting their coffee in the microwave in hopes of killing anything that might be looming. We’re all a little on edge.

Now the thrist is attacking me.  I didn’t even think to bring water.  Or even a Fresca.  It looks like I will be taking a trip to the vending machine in hopes that the Diet Dr Pepper (the answer to one of the FEW trivia questions we got right last night) will quench my thirst until I can get to the Puffy Muffin and make myself sick on Ginger Tea.

Thank God it’s Friday…….

What I want to be when I grow up!

I figured it out!  I know what my dream job would be.  I used to want to manage a band.  I worked closely enough with one to know that it’s not for me. Some of the best times of my life, but DANG!  Anywho– I want to be a music supervisor for TV and film.  One of my favorite things on the planet is to come up with the perfect music for any situation…so it seems like a match made in heaven.

I wouldn’t use my job to prove how cool or avant gard I am (because I am not!) but rather, I would have the perfect mix of up and comers, oldies but goodies and current hits on each project. 

Whenever I listen to music I always think of scenes it would work in, etc…  For example, the Gomez song “See the World” is a perfect song for a driving scene.  Particularly a summer evening drive, just as the sun is going down.  It would work if you were driving in the country or the city.  Driving towards a life change, or away from one.  It just works.

 I’m telling ya, I’d be kick ass at this.  All those mix CDs I’ve given my friends would become collectors items.  Zach Braff would have my ass on speed dial.

 Wow, I know what my dream job is…..it’s about time!