Who’d have thunk it?!

Yesterday was my birthday. My 34th birthday. That, for some reason, sounds middle-aged. Regardless of my pending senior citizen status, it was an AMAZING birthday.

I am never one to shy away from reminding people of my birthday. So I sent out an email with a variety of events for people to celebrate me.

Monday night was my “trivia birthday” @ Corner Bar.  What used to be a weekly event has become much less frequent….but it was fun just the same.  Three good friends. Good, cheap cocktails. Attentive and lovely servers. Random conversations…….ALL GOOD!

My friend Jenn Franklin had a CD release party/show on Tuesday.  I’m so proud that she has completed her EP. She is stupid talented and gives me chills every-time I hear her sing.  She also announced from the stage that I had a birthday coming up and all of Third and Lindsley wished me happy birthday. God I love Nashville.  I then went to dinner with my pops and had my last corn nuggets of my 33rd year. YUM!

Weds. found me @ Peter’s Thai Sushi (YUM!) having lunch with Ear Injury.  After a near miss with the devil, I mean my old boss on my way in, the rest of the meal was a tasty and delightful experience. Man the food there is SO amazing. Add to that wonderful company and it doesn’t get much better.  I spent Weds. night chilling at the house with the furry friends, watching ANTM and Project Runway (sorry to see ya go Chris–ya coulda been a contender!)

Thursday—my ACTUAL birthday. My phone started ringing at 7:30.  I have numerous voice mails that I saved with folks wishing me a happy birthday. I had cards on my desk at work and my mom even sent me a huge cookie cake with a balloon on it to the office.  My dept. took me to lunch at Yellow Porch (delish)  where Alison Krauss and John Waite had also decided to grab a bite (have I mentioned I love Nashville?) I basically did no work all day and just chatted with folks and hung out. Well, I did have a vendor change the laws of physics and help me solve a problem with a project—but hey….that’s what happens on my birthday.

After work I went to dinner at Eastland Cafe with my dad. We ate tapas style–which is my favorite.  It’s the only way to get shrimp & grits, herbed carrots, green chili mac & cheese, buttered asparagus, coconut rice and a decadent cheese platter at one meal without being sick at the end.  You would hate to be sick at the end also since there was a pomegranate martini, triple chocolate tart with raspberry sorbet and blueberry beignets to be had.  MMMMMMMM

I took my happy mouth (and the rest of me) to meet the Thursday night trivia gang.  I have so much fun with these people I can’t even explain it.  They truly get as much joy out of every situation possible. I usually laugh so much that my stomach hurts. I got a wonderful Sephora giftcard from my super pregnant friend (seriously…the packaging for their gift cards is AMAZING!!!) and we got her soon to be born son making all kinds of moves for us all night. We decided he likes the bar scene already. We didn’t do so well at the actual trivia part, but we had a blast otherwise and I could hardly believe that while a few of the same people were there as had been at my last birthday—the mood was so much different.  My last birthday kinda sucked…mostly because of me….but that is so in the past and I will bask in the afterglow of this birthday instead.

There is still more celebrating to be had.  Pub crawl. East Nashville. Good times! It’s not only my birthday festivity, but that of the lovely Snikki.  It should be a good time. Anything that can celebrate the great way my life is going is a good time to me. Now if I could only have a mega makeout session…………


I just got home from seeing the movie Once . If any of the following things ring true to you, RUN to see this movie, drive a couple of hours if you have to:

  • You are a sucker for a musician
  • Stories of unrequited love speak to you
  • Irish accents, even when impossible to understand, make you smile
  • The process of making music might as well be magic
  • You never give up hope
  • You want to bring happiness to people, even if it isn’t in the exact way YOU would like them to be happy

Seriously, I LOVED this movie. If I had seen this on a date, I can’t even imagine how the rest of the night had been, but I guarantee I wouldn’t be writing this right now. I saw it with my Dad. He paid AND bought me killer chicken fingers afterwards. He liked the movie OK, but wasn’t as enamored as I was. He was irritated that a movie so focused on music had three basic songs that were played over and over. I get that. Life is like that, three songs, played over and over, each time the words take on new meanings and importance. I SO get it. There is also the aspect of unrequited love and words unspoken. The male lead kind of throws it all out on the table early on in the movie, but it’s out of a kind of desperation, a desperation you feel when you first meet someone and they make you happier then you have been in awhile and you might say things because you fear you will never get another chance to say them. It’s an honest desperation. As the film progresses, he says less and less in words, but the desperation never leaves. It starts to invade the movie-goer’s stomach and draws you even further into this simple, sweet, complicated story.

I can’t even begin to go into how much I enjoyed this film and how it seemed to take over my being while I was watching it. I can, however, discuss how it made me think about some things in my life, mostly (this is a big shocker) boys.

Things I wish I hadn’t done (situations that involved boys I’ve liked only) :

  • A dubious (drunken) hook-up with someone that I knew better then to hook up with
  • Getting so drunk in front of them that I could not stand up
  • Being the first to pull away when we hug
  • Drunken texts (um–I’m sensing a pattern here–perhaps my issues are with alcohol more then boys)
  • Slinking out after a night of sharing the same bed (totally platonicly) when they  snuggled up to me
  • Not realizing how wonderful a person they are  for so long

Things I want to say or do every time I see a boy I like (and know):

  • Hug them so long that my arms go numb
  • Bury my face in their neck and take in their smell
  • Tell them that I think that we have a lot of fun together and that we could have even more and know that this would be only an addition to our relationship
  • Not look away when they look at me in the eyes and I fear they can read my mind
  • Be myself, silly and stupid and even smart sometimes and know that it won’t change they way they think of me in any way but a positive way
  • Grab their ass
  • Rub their shoulders
  • Put my hands on their face and just look at them
  • Countless other things that I won’t let myself do

The end of “Once” was quite ambiguous. I have already come up with about 10 scenarios as to what happened next. My life these days has been quite ambiguous also, but I have only a couple of good endings for that.

Random randomness

My mind doesn’t seem to be able to hold on to thoughts for very long these days. I want to blame the Venti Non-fat Cinnamon Dolce Latte I had today, or the less then pleasant experiences of the past couple of weeks, or planetary alignment. But, I know, in my heart of hearts, that it is just how I get sometimes (although all of the previously mentioned things can’t be helping) When faced with this kind of “mood” I like to make lists. Here is a list of the things that are on heavy rotation in my brain right now:

  • I need to get out of town and go somewhere new FAST!  Barbados, Paris (France, Texas OR Tennessee would be fine) Boston, Frankort KY, wherever….just somewhere I’ve never been.
  • I need to make out with a boy. Soon. I have some people in mind. Is it a sign of a good kisser when you haven’t kissed someone in months, but you can close your eyes and go right back to that last kiss and it makes your stomach flip and your lips tingle?
  • The “Rockstar Casual” dress code for the upcoming agency anniversary party has me stumped.  There is a part of me that wants to go super fabulous, but then again, how much attention do I want?  I WILL be wearing fake eyelashes and some sweet shoes…the rest is a mystery.
  • I have ideas for a few paintings, but I can’t seem to get my happy ass to the art supply store to get canvas.  WTF?
  • Book 4 of Harry Potter is still haunting me. Haunting me because I haven’t finished it.  I think I will go buy books 5 & 6 tonight as inspiration.
  • My cough is still lingering. It’s not as bad and is a totally different cough then it had been, but still annoying.
  • I worry about the holidays this year…I think it will be hard for my Dad.
  • My house needs to be cleaned. Parts are clean, but for the life of me, I don’t seem to be able to get the whole thing clean at the same time!
  • Karl Dean is the new mayor of Nashville. While he would be my second choice, I can’t say anything since I didn’t vote. And NO my first choice was NOT Bob Clement!
  • It is finally nice outside. It was actually COOL outside this morning. I left the windows open last night…..YIPPEEE!
  • I miss my Grandma at odd times. The picture I have of her on my desk makes me smile….and then frown.
  • My job no longer feels like my “new” job. I feel at home here, happy here, appreciated here. Things are good in my career world…..something that was not even close to true a year ago this time.
  • Two weeks from Saturday is the Reckless Kelly show….and I CANNOT WAIT!!!  I love those boys so much and always have so much fun with them I can’t stand it!
  • Mindy Smith’s song “Peace of Mind” is a song I can relate to completely. There isn’t a thought or word in it that doesn’t ring true for me most of the time. I love her and all her craziness!!
  • I’m so excited to be going to Peter’s for sushi tonight.  My mouth waters at the thought. YUMMMMM.
  • The issue of sexuality has been on my mind a lot lately. I truly believe that we are born either hetero or homosexual—or bi-sexual (but I think that happens much less then some would lead you to believe) To think that someone would CHOOSE to be attracted to a particular gender is silly. All of the gay people I know remember being young and being attracted to the same gender. They also remember it being wrong. That makes me sad. How can a societal attitude permeate so strongly that even before it’s ever really discussed, a person can feel “wrong” about how they feel about something, ANYTHING.
  • I need new panties!
  • I have decided on my next tattoo and I want it NOW! I wonder how people will react to it at work, but I don’t think it will be bad.

Well, I guess that is all for now. I already feel more focused now that I’ve cleaned my mind of those thoughts.  They are still in there…but a bit more organized and laid back now.

Life is a strange and wonderful thing

Throughout my life I have had many pets. The first one I really remember was Muffin, the big ass tom cat that we didn’t know was a boy when we got him. He hated his name and went out at night and (I imagine) got in fights with the neighborhood cats that would tease him about it. He dropped many a dead bird on my baby yellow gingham bedspread and I knew he loved me. He ran away when the man who would become my Mother’s second husband moved into the house with his cat. Muffin wasn’t one to share.

In what could be thought of as a bookend to that portion of my life was D’arby. He was named after Terrance Trent D’arby and I got him around St. Patrick’s day, so it seemed like a perfect name–my love for my Irish ancestry is always coming up in odd ways. Anyway, I got D’arby when he was a tiny kitten and he was one of the best cats I ever knew. He was very much like a puppy, he followed me around and came when I called, etc…. He got very sick as a kitten and we had to feed him baby food and put him in the freezer for a few minutes at a time to try to get his fever to go down. Yes—the vet TOLD us to put him in the freezer. I had him for about 4 years, from 7th to 11th grade. In many ways, looking back, he was the highlight of this time in my life. Living with my stepfather was less then fun a lot of the time and without airing all sorts of dirty laundry, it was a very bad scene. But I always had D’arby. Well, I had him until my Mother finally left her husband and we moved to a place where we couldn’t have a cat. I don’t remember being sad about this. I don’t remember my emotions during this time much at all. I was numb throughout a lot of it. In survival mode. Using all the energy I had to just make it through. So we gave D’arby to a woman in my mom’s office. Not one of my favorite people, but she would take good care of him, etc… I never saw him again and it was years before I even asked the woman about him. Occasionally she would tell a story or something to my mom and in turn, my mom would tell me. D’arby turned 20 years old a few weeks ago. TWENTY! I can’t imagine him as the old cat that he inevitably had become. He was stuck in my mind as a silly grey and white kitten who was sitting in the freezer and would wake me up by licking my ears. I found out today that D’arby was put to sleep this past weekend. When my mom told me I felt a chill. I hadn’t laid eyes on that cat for 16 years, but he was still mine in my mind and now he was gone. I got home and gave my furry friends extra attention and made them promise, once again, to never get sick or die 🙂 They seemed alright with that.

In keeping this happy train rolling, my Dad visited my grandma today. She is 96 and every day she wakes up is a true miracle. Up until very recently she has been in good health. She can’t keep things straight and doesn’t get around much, but for all intents and purposes, is in fine shape. She never remembers my Dad, which is hard for him and sad for me to hear. She always remembers me though. She will eventually figure out who my Dad is by saying “Oh–you’re Heather’s father!”

Today she was asking how my twins were as well as the twins of my friend Erin. are. Well, I have no children and Erin (while pregnant) isn’t pregnant with twins (that we know of!) She also only met Erin a couple of times, even though I have known her since I was 5, the most recent time being almost 7 years ago at Christmas. However, in the mind of Bernice…there was a whole story line involving Erin, myself and our two sets of twins. Apparently Erin was married to a doctor (which was true the first time she was married, but not now) and I didn’t like him much (eh…also true I guess) but that wasn’t stopping me from visiting her at the hospital (which would TOTALLY be true) It’s these nuggets of clarity in my Grandma’s odd ramblings that kill me. You can almost convince yourself that her mind is almost like it used to be….almost. She has pneumonia right now and truly is not going to be with us much longer (although we’ve been saying this for some time now)

I hate that my children (should I have any) will never know her. Even now, she and I have a special bond. I used to spend all my summers with her on South Padre Island in Texas. We had so much fun it was insane. She always kept my nails painted—something my mom wasn’t so keen on. Christmas 2005 I visited her and noticed her fingernail polish was chipping (I guess people from the local beauty school come and do their hair and nails) and I asked if she wanted me to paint her fingernails for her. Her response, the first coherent thought of the visit was “Only if you’ve gotten better at that then you used to be. There was usually more polish on your fingers then your nails.” My Dad and I died laughing and I think at that moment I decided THAT was how I was going to remember her. That would be my final memory of a woman that played such a huge role in my life. So when I hear the crazy things she says, or the health problems she is having, it’s like they are some other person….and it makes it that much easier.

Um ok–this was kind of a bummer. But I didn’t mean to be. I’d like to think it is a celebration of life and the people and creatures that come in and out of it. These beings that love you unconditionally and make you who you are today. Life’s short, even though it can seem so long. So don’t miss out on things or think there will be another chance….because there might not be. On that note, if anyone wants to join me for lunch next Monday, I will be having corn nuggets in the presence of my redneck crush and he will be mine (as long as he’s working that shift of course 🙂 )

The Weekend In Review

This weekend wasn’t a big exciting weekend…but it was a good weekend and I woke up smiling this morning….so that’s got to be something. 

Friday: Worked, well, sat at work and tried to figure out things to do to pass the time.  Sad, sad day on my time sheet as far as billable hours were concerned.  Half of the office was on vacation…even if there were things to be done, no one was there to do them.  Got new brakes on the Little Red Rocket…and I mean the whole nine yards, rotors, pads, and even wheel cylinders.  WOO HOO!  I can stop like all the other cars now.  Stopped at Target on the way home and got a sweet new flat iron (it was needed, new haircut+ cracked flat iron = need to new flat iron) and I got some Brita filters too (I know how to party AND hydrate).  The filters were on sale AND I got a $5 Target gift card that had a cute hologram of a puppy rolling over on it. I also got a cute flowered fabric purse I had had my eyes on for awhile that was 30% off.  Went home, watched some “What Not to Wear” and fell asleep on the couch.  Yeah, I’m a party girl, what can I say. 

Saturday: Was awoken by Noodle kisses.  Got up, walked him, took a shower and met Ear Injury at DSW for the beginning of what would be Shop-a-palooza 2007!  DSW was having their end of summer sale (don’t ask) and before Ear injury even got there, I had picked up 2 purses, both under $15 with retail prices of $85 and $150!  One was a b-day gift for my mom….she’ll love it.  Then I found the elusive dark brown flip flops I had been searching for.  Born’s also….for like $25!!!  YES!  We hit Old Navy , and we hit it HARD!  There were two shirts that I had wanted for awhile that were both on sale for $8.  I also got a cute babydoll sweater that can take me into fall and a little black dress that will ROCK once I get this tan in better order. Then we stopped at Target for a bit (got some cute earrings and a tasty beverage) before arriving at the mall.  We didn’t go THAT many places in the mall, but it seemed like we were there FOREVER!  After failing at our quest to get a pretzel—stupid directory—we both but ourselves off and went home.  We won’t even get into the crazy kiosk lady who was doing the full court press to get us to buy this nail buffer.  I wonder how that one thumbnail is looking……  I went home and passed out for 2 hours.  I was BEAT!  I think I pulled a muscle carrying all my packages, or it might have been the 38lb thing of kitty litter (where’s a boy when you need him!?)  After the nap I went to dinner with Pops, got my first pair of Crocs ( I LOVE THEM!) and we went to see Ratatouille.  That movie was really cute and, as most pixar things are, really well done.  I was so tired when I got home that I fell asleep on top of my covers, in my clothes, including my Crocs (which had been put on in response to the scary blisters I got from the super cute skimmers I had worn to dinner). I woke up Sunday am with my furry friends all around me, the kitchen and bedroom light on and fully clothed—and NOT hungover, interesting. 

Sunday: I was all rested from the previous day’s festivities and it wasn’t bloody hot outside, so Noodle and I hit the dog park.  There were a surprising number of dogs there for 9:30 on Sunday morning, or at least is surprised me.  I don’t see 9:30 Sunday morning outside of my house very often.  Noodle took off like a bolt of lightning when we got there and went to town.  Lots of butt sniffing and licking.  He ran with the pack for awhile, then started hitting up the other humans.  He loves the attention of humans. This big black dog kept running up and knocking Noodle over and rolling around with him.  Noodle was NOT amused.  He squealed and ran over to me every time.  Poor little Mama’s Boy!  Once he stopped running around, I decided to take his dirty butt home.  My normally white dog was now FILTHY!!!!  So we got home and he instantly got in the bath.  He was so worn out that he didn’t seem to mind the bath at all.  He even fell asleep while I was blow drying him.  Once he was all taken care of, I went to the pool.  No one was there.  I had the joint completely to myself.  I hopped on my hot pink floaty and read for awhile.  Then I got sleepy and decided to float, sleep and tan at the same time—I love to multi-task!  All was well and good until the heavens opened up and raindrops so big that they hurt started to pelt me.  I ran under a tree with all my stuff trying to decide if it was a 5 minute storm.  Once it thundered,  I decided it wasn’t.  I scurried into the house.  I opened the patio door to listen to the rain and fell asleep with Noodle and Kobe (Fergus was in his own bed) on the couch for a lovely Sunday afternoon nap.  Didn’t get much sun time, but I have Wednesday and all next weekend to make up for it. Went to dinner with my Pops at Las Palmas, then went home, did some laundry and called to see what was up with my internet (I had been unable to get online at home for 4 days…I had myspace withdrawls BIG TIME!) Come to find out, the ONE button I hadn’t touched in attempts to fix things myself was the magic button.  LAME! But all’s well that ends well.  I caught up on Mr. T’s life—got himself an iPhone, and responded to emails, etc…. Then I watched 4 “Gay Robot” clips on YouTube—which were really funny and went to bed, IN MY BED!!!

It’s dead at work this week, but that’s alright I guess.  Not sure how I’ll pass the time, but I’m sure I will.  Cheesecake Factory for a b-day tonight, pre-trivia.  Party tomorrow night.  Wednesday, lots of pool time….then who knows what for the rest of the week.  There better be some smooching with cute boys this week…..I’m just saying.


Take me out to the ballgame!

Took Papasita to the Sounds game yesterday for Father’s Day.  It was a nice warm evening, no humidity, pleasant breeze.  Good times!  Our seats were primo, 3 rows behind the visiting dug out.  Had a hot dog, some peanuts, etc….all was right.

All of that is all well and good, but let’s talk about the main reason to go to a baseball game–baseball pants!  Good God!!!!  What a lovely sight it is to see a field full of boys in baseball pants.  It’s far enough into the season that they have good tans now also.  YUUUUUMMMMMMM!!!!!  Since it’s AAA ball….most of the players are nice and young.  The arms!  The baseball caps!  The butts!  Talk about a home run.

 Is it wrong to be so lustful while at a baseball game with your father ON Father’s Day?  If so, I don’t want to be right.


My Dad is the coolest dork ever!

My Dad is not your average Dad. This is a fact I am made very aware of this time of year when there are all the Father’s Day sales and there is not a damn thing in there that he would be interested in. No certificates for studio time to record music, no women that will both challenge him and enjoy his company, no perfect hair cuts, no opportunities to play a round of golf with John Prine, Tom Russell and Bob Dylan. None of these things. So usually I go with an ‘event gift’ and make him dinner or something. One year we went to the Cubs/Yankees Game at Wrigley Field. The next year we actually spent Father’s Day in NYC where he took me and his wife at the time to see Madonna at Madison Square Garden. We even had 7th row seats to see the Yankees play the Cubs at Yankee Stadium…which was pretty dang cool. This year it’s sweet seats to see Our Nashville Sounds at their rundown stadium and I will buy him all the hot dogs, ice cream, peanuts, etc…he can eat (which is considerable!) and we will have a wonderful time!

All that is to give you an idea of what type of fella my Dad is. Another example is something that happened tonight at dinner. We’re at Las Palmas (where he would eat every meal if he could and where he has FINALLY made friends with one of the waitresses and she brings him more horchata before he even asks) when 3 fellas who were OBVIOUSLY musicians walked in. I say obviously because they were all incredibly skinny, wearing girl’s jeans and had perfectly disheveled hair and LOTS of tattoos. We happened to be at the cash register at the same time as them and my Dad asked me if he should “show them his ink?” My Dad has wanted a tattoo as long as I can remember. He even encouraged me to get mine. He was very close to getting one when he had a horrible dream about it taking over his body or some such crap and had issues about it ever since…until he met his most recent ex-wife (which makes him sound like a gigolo, but that was his second wife in all his 65 years and there was a 28 year break between them) So, she had a tattoo, kind of. She had a happy face tattooed on her index finger. It was basically two dots and a smile. When they got married he decided to get this same tattoo. He thought he was all cool, said it didn’t hurt at all and basically thought he was bad ass. This was for about a week and then the tattoo started to disappear because they hadn’t done it deep enough (hence the lack of pain) and he was eventually left with a single dot. I have more ink on my hands any given day I’m at work (damn cheap pens) but he was still proud. So he goes up to one of these fellas (the cutest one as far as I was concerned) and showed him his “ink.” It was one of those situations where the guy was taken totally aback by this older fella with short cropped grey hair in cargo shorts and a Costa Rica t-shirt is just going up to Senior Badass and talking to him (I love those situations!) The guy looked really close, my Dad gave him the short version of the story and the guy smiled and laughed. My Dad then showed it to the second guy and he was all into the story, etc…

It is times like this that remind me that my Dad is the coolest dork ever and just because I can’t buy him tools or find a card that works for Father’s Day….I’m still damn lucky he’s my Dad.