Austin Part 3! aka….a test of my memory?

Wow–delay much 🙂

Last I posted we left off at Hula Hut.

Ahhh Hula Hut….you delightful spot, right on the lake, filled with happy people drinking happy drink and eating happy food!

We started off with cocktails of course. Grass Skirts were the choice of the evening. I am blanking out on the actual ingredients, but I know that Midori, Vodka and pineapple juice were involved. They were amazing! So light and fruity and fun. Far too easy to drink. Possibly dangerous on empty stomachs.

Being the safety girls that we are, we hit up the menu for something to much on.

I went for the Mexonesian Shrimp Flautas. As per the menu, these little nuggets of joy are fried wontons filled with shrimp, bacon, jalapenos and cream cheese and served with a plum dipping sauce. Spicy and warm, yet sweet and delicious……I was a happy girl.

Post Hula Hut we planned to hit up Lucy’s Retired Surfer Bar to see the talented rascal that is George DeVore. I love this raspy voiced man. I love when he sings sad songs, silly songs, any songs. I love his zeal for life and his ability to laugh at himself with reckless abandon. We also met up with three lovely ladies I met through Reckless Kelly. We soaked in the music, drank fun cocktails, created scenes with the plastic mermaids that came with our drinks. There were few folks there that night, but we didn’t need a crowd to have a good time.

My friends had plans to hit another club. Kelly and I had plans to hit the sheets…..we were vacation tired, and it was great! We made plans to meet up at Maria’s Taco Xpress to get some sustenance before the Reckless Kelly Celebrity Softball Jam. Kelly and I got back to the hotel. She took a five hour shower (slight exaggeration) and I went straight to bed.

We awoke Sunday morning and prepared ourselves for the day. It was super windy out, but that seemed fine since it was also super hot out. We met our friends at Maria’s and partook of her amazing breakfast tacos. I, to this day, think of that orange sauce from the salsa bar and dream of having it available to me on a regular basis.

Did I mention it was hot? Like Devil’s asshole hot? Well, it was. This fact becomes important later in our story…..

We drove the Cube to Round Rock and arrived at the Dell Diamond ready for a sweaty day of softball played by musicians and music played by softball players. Wait…part of that isn’t true. The musicians played music too.

Since it was so flippin’ hot (seriously….this is important to remember!) I stopped the first beer seller I saw and got me a Bud Light Lime. Yeah, I’m hardcore like that. It took the edge off the incredible heat for a bit, but dang….it was just so damn hot!

The softball game was hilarious. Like laugh out loud funny. No one was taking it super seriously, so it was just a big mess of errors, silly string and trash talking. Good times, good times!

Once the game was over and Cody had been showered with Gatorade for coaching the winning team, it was time to move down to the field to get ready for the music.

They wouldn’t allow us on the field immediately as they had to cover what they could of the field and set up the stage, etc. We stood at the top of the stadium sweating. Praying for a breeze.  When you feel sweat running down the back of your legs, there is very little comfort to be had. We found an inside room that had the AC going and took refuge there until they opened the gates to get down on the field. We went outside, already missing the conditioned air and prepared to sweat for the foreseeable future. All of a sudden a VERY cool breeze kind of came out of nowhere. We thought someone had opened the door of a nearby freezer. We had no idea what they breeze was going to mean.

As we finally made it to the field, the breeze had picked up and it was starting to get kinda dark and chilly. We enjoyed it, at first. When the rain clouds came we cursed them. It obviously worked since they only spit out a little bit of rain. But the icy winds continued. We had been at the stadium for 2 hours plus at this point. When we arrived it was 94 degrees. At this point it was barely 70.

But dammit all to hell, we had some of the best musicians this fine state has to offer up there playing their hearts out, so what else could we do but dance and smile and freeze?

One thing many folks there decided to do was to hit the pro shop and look for heavier clothes. I spoke to the cashier there and she said it was there best sales day ever and that they were pulling long sleeve t-shirts and blankets out of backstock as fast as they could. I am now the proud owner of a long sleeve Red Rock Express t-shirt…and it might be the best $30 I could’ve spent that day!

While I would normally be pretty sad when a concert ends, this time I was thrilled. I saw the heater of the Cube in my future. The temperature had dropped to 52 at this point. A 42 degree drop in about 6 hours……OY!

The Cube couldn’t warm up fast enough. We made the drive back in record time as there were long pants and long sleeves in our future. Kelly and I went to the room to change and then headed back out for the after party at Lucy’s. The crazy weather had worn us out….but the after party was not to be missed.

As we walked into the bar it was announced that Osama Bin Laden had been captured and killed. Looking back, perhaps that cold snap was simply hell freezing over?

The rest of the night will be summed up with a list; Tito’s Lemonade, nachos, crab fishermen, live scorpion shots, white girl dancing, American Idol contestants, people watching, girl talking, laughing.

We didn’t stay out late that night. Once back at the hotel we decided that the news of Bin Laden was a good reason to turn the TV on for the first time that weekend and we settled in and watched CNN for awhile (well, I did. Kelly had to take her 5 hour shower 🙂 )

The next morning it was gloomy and chilly. It seemed like Austin was telling us it was time to go home. We hit up Matt’s El Rancho and had some amazing tex mex and our last dose of queso and headed to the airport.

One scoop of Amy’s Ice Cream, a short wait and we were on our way home.

I didn’t cry when I left Austin this time. I’m so confident that I would be back soon and regularly that the tears would have been wasted…..