Why I’m a bad blogger

Yes, I will be blogging about why I don’t blog.

Yes, it can be confusing being me sometimes.

But I think I’ve figured out why I have not blogged regularly, as I promised myself I would be doing.

The first reason is that, intrinsically, I am lazy. Seriously, I am most regularly happy chilling on my couch with my dog and cat. I can big time party with the best of them….but as a rule, I’d rather not.

The second reason, indelibly tied to the first, is that I lead a somewhat boring life. I mean, I’m not bored by it, but I bet most people would be.

Which leads to, or is continued in, reason three. I tend to write more when I am very sad or very happy. Content does not lend itself to writing for me. I am blissfully content these days. I love my life. I love my job. I love my friends.  I love my family. I love my house. Things are just really good right now…but not in such a way that they inspire much writing.

Sometimes I simply want to live my life, not document it or report about it. I forget to take pictures because I’m too busy experiencing the sight. I forget to write things down because I’m too busy enjoying the situation. Sue me.

But in less then two weeks I will be in NOLA…and if my world is rocked 1/3 as much as I anticipate it will be rocked….I will be blogging my fingers off.

Or not….


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