Happy 2011!

I don’t normally do resolutions. Mostly because I hate realizing how easy it is for me to let myself down. However, I am using my resolve this year to post more frequently on my blog. By more frequently I mean EVERY DAY! Now, I am being realistic in this and not expecting each post to be a charming, well thought out, pithy insight into some random thing in the world. Some days may just be a photo (probably of Noodle….let’s face it, he’s a damn photogenic creature) or it may be a link to something that made me smile or think or cry, etc… But I vow that each day of 2011 will have some sort of post from me. A web based record of the year.

I know….this is so exciting for all my 4 readers.

Will I follow through with this?

Will I just pull 365 photos of Noodle now….just to be prepared?

How many times will I mention Texas, music, Noodle, etc….?

Will this prevent me from being an active member of society?

I guess you’ll have to read and see 🙂

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I have faith that 2011 will continue the trend of fabulosity in my life!

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