Somewhere in Time

If there is anything that could get me blogging again it’s Reckless Kelly.

Sure…I could talk about how I got laid off, had a nice long summer vacation, then got a GREAT new job and am in the process of buying my first house. But who wants to hear about that?

The official release date is 2/9, but I got mine yesterday (thank you pre-order Gods!) and I have been listening to it constantly!!! It’s much more “honky tonk” then their previous records, but who couldn’t use some more honky tonk in their lives? Listening to this collection of songs just begs for an outdoor music festival, ideally in Texas, where the weather is hot as hell, but there are buckets of iced down Shiner Bock to cool you off. And really, who cares if it’s hot? It’s Texas…it’s suppossed to be!

I could go on and on and on about this CD….and probably will in other forums. But here is a little video the fellas put together to whet your appetite for this momentous occasion!!


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