Open Casting Call

That’s right folks, I’m looking for a co-star in this ridiculousness that is my little world.  I’ve had some nice guest stars, recurring and one time only, some remarkable cameos too. But, I feel it is time to work on a more permanent addition to my ensemble cast.

First off, I’m looking for a male. Although, I should mention that there are always parts for females, just not the co-star role.

Age range: 25-40 (quite a range, huh!  but I’m leaving myself open. The higher end of this range is uncharted territory for me.  I’ve been dating boys in their mid-twenties since I was 16, but I’m willing to see how the other side lives. )

Physical Traits: nothing too specific here.  Prefer dark hair, ideally quite short or shaved. Eye color is negotiable, although dark eyes and blue eyes melt my butter. Strong arms preferred. Must be taller then 5’8″—to avoid upsetting shoe choices for me.

Style: Jeans and t-shirts are best.  Camo cargo shorts and a white t-shirt is a lovely summer look to me. Must be willing to wear a jacket, suit, khakis, etc as the need arises (which would be minimal).

Accessories: baseball cap, cowboy hat, guitar(or other stringed instrument), tattoos…..all of those will be not only accepted but will definitely get bonus points.

Mandatory: passion for something (ideally me, but that can come later) Music would be good, NASCAR would be bad….I’m just saying.  Must love dogs, at least my dog. Must deal with cats, at least my cats.  Must be willing and able to talk and listen, as well as say nothing. Must be somewhat financially stable (poor and needy used to be cute, it no longer is).  Must understand that I have guy friends, who mean the world to me. Must also understand that I have girl friends, who I sometimes MUST spend time with.

So, that pretty much covers it. I mean, really I could go on forever. Things like “no necklaces” come to mind….but it’s not a deal breaker. “Adaptibility” also springs to mind, but if you have made it through life without being adaptable, well, godspeed with that. Plus, lacking the ability to adapt would probably take you out of the casting pool anyway.

Recommendations welcome. The pay scale isn’t high, monetarily, but I’ve got other things to give. Take that however…. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Open Casting Call

  1. Let’s do the math: I’m 38, 5’9″, hate NASCAR (though I do participate in the pool we have at work, peer pressure’s a bitch), love football and dogs, can tolerate a cat but I’m sure your’s would totally win me over. Proud owner of multiple Steelers caps and a six-string electric guitar that I found in the street one night. No tattoos but do have couple of earrings that I promised I’d take out when I turned 35. I have brown hair, brown eyes, and a red goatee. I’m a music, movie, book geek and I own three complete ties.

    You can see the absolute most (least) awesome picture taken of me on my blog. It’s appropriately titled for easy access. I do live four hours away so that may actually be the number that turns all those oh-so-positives above to a negative but you never know.

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