An edit to a previous post

When I mentioned people having “too much” I misspoke (man, I could be a policitian!). I was quite upset when I wrote that as I had just been told that my lack of ownership somehow made me less worthy by someone who said they didn’t care about education because they didn’t have kids.

I don’t really believe that people have “too much.” I do, however, feel there is a responsibility that comes with success, any level of success. In general, folks should do the right thing. Many wealthy would pay someone copious amounts of money to avoid taxes. When my father was in the oil business he had a business acquaintance who figured he paid an accountant $100,000 a year (this was in the 80’s) to avoid about $100,000 in taxes.  His reasoning was he would be mad if the government was going to get his money. I never understood that.

We are so fortunate to live in this country, every damn one of us, whether rich or poor. But there is responsibility associated with this good fortune also, and that is taxes. If 95% of the nation are going to see tax cuts,  isn’t that what a democracy is about? The greatest good for the greatest amount of people?

I hope like hell to one day be part of the top 5% of the economy in the United States and if I am and seriously believe that by bringing home only $162,500 of my $250,000 salary makes me feel that I am poor, please someone smack me!


3 thoughts on “An edit to a previous post

  1. Absolutely. Everyone has a responsibility and paying an accountant to get out of paying taxes? What the hell? It’s very interesting learning the prospective of both of my fathers – one, who is a blue collar GM employee and the other who is a CEO. And these two groups definitely don’t agree on a lot of things. That’s why there are unions 🙂 I guess that’s why I’m in the middle on a lot of issues. There was someone who worked with me once who was just sickened by our mailing list, at all the “money” and such but I said, well, it may make you sick but they are essentially paying your salary. And they are keeping a lot of nonprofits in this city that are doing amazing things, operating. As long as you don’t act like you’re better than anyone else when you do reach the top 5% and you ARE responsible, and give back, I got no issues with ya!

  2. Another way to look at it is to say that he was paying $100,000 to make sure the government didn’t get $100,000 it didn’t have right to. On smaller terms, would you pay $50 to have someone guard a $50 bike for you, just so no one could walk up and take it? Seems silly because you are paying what the object is worth, but does that person have right to the object just because you aren’t willing to pay to keep them from acquiring it? Which is better, you paying to keep the person from getting it, or the person getting something without right to it?

    I’m not going to start in about paying for education because I wouldn’t stop 😉

  3. I would much rather the government get my money than some private organization. I mean, believe it or not, the government is there to help us. They pave our roads, they educate our children (whether you have any or not, this should be a concern or yours just for the future of our nation), they send your disabled grandmother a monthly disability check, etc.

    I have no problem paying taxes. The more I make, the more I SHOULD be taxed. I don’t get the HATE people have for the government sometimes. Yeah, it’s corrupt in ways…but so is your accountant, if we are talking about greed. At least give your money to an entity that pretends to give a damn about those in greater need than you. Cause I’m pretty sure your accountant is just gonna use that money to take a 2 month vacation to the Caribbean. I’d rather pave a road.

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