Thanks for clearing that up!

I just told someone I work with that I am voting for Obama.

Their response, “That’s because you don’t own anything!”

OOOOOO, so that’s it?  It has nothing to do with wanting a president who will tax those who own too much?  It has nothing to do with the fact that I want a president who is concerned with education not just veterans and a war that’s going nowhere? It has nothing to do with the fact that the idea of Sarah Palin being even remotely able to be the leader of the US keeps me up at night?

It’s just because I don’t own anything.

Well, here’s some news. I DO own something. I own my body and should be able to do whatever I want with it. I own my mind and should be able to think what I want, when I want, where I want.  I own my pride in my country, that doesn’t make me blind to the fact that there are issues with it. 

I own my freedom and would like to know how the Iraqi war really is defending it?  I want to know what we win? How do we determine we have won the war?  When all of the Iraqis are dead? How many more of our military men and women have to die before we’ve won? It seemed to me that the objective was to get Sadaam Hussein out of there…he’s been gone awhile and yet $10 billion a month goes there while our financial system crumbles.

I would like to own my future, but I don’t know that I do. I do know this, I own my vote and it is going to Barack Obama. Not because I’m voting AGAINST someone, not because I’m a bleeding heart liberal, not because I don’t “own” anything. I’m voting for him because he exemplifies what this country could be, a place of hope, a place of change, a place of honor and he will be a leader I can be proud of.

So there.


4 thoughts on “Thanks for clearing that up!

  1. I agree with everything except for the “those who own too much” part.

    That is the beauty of capitalism and freedom, to work hard and earn what we have. To a homeless person, someone who owns a home “owns too much”. To the poor, people who have a job “own too much”. To the middle class, the rich “own too much”.

    It is all perspective. I will not fault someone, or agree to “punish” them via higher taxes or other penalties because he or she is better at making money than I am. I do not agree with Obama that the rich should be taxed more. I think we all should be taxed the same percentage, poor, middle class or wealthy. Equality.

    Still, I sure as hell am not voting for McCain, and I agree with Obama on a lot of other key issues, so to him goes my vote.

  2. I have to agree with clevergrl on that one. My dad came from absolutely nothing, was sent into foster care, put himself through school and is now a CEO. I don’t think he should be taxed to death just because he makes more than I ever will. He worked his ass off to get there … just like we want everyone to do. So when we get there, we’re supposed to be punished or feel bad about it? This is where my conservative views come out, as you well know.

    However, I will never lump all rich people in the same category just as I would never do with poor people. There are many greedy rich assholes just like there are lazy poor people living off the gov’t. Then there are poor people working really, really hard that just need a helping hand. I just think it’s a little more complicated than some of these candidates make it.

    That said, I too am voting for Obama 🙂

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