Sweet Sweet Tennessee Air

I have waxed poetic about the way the air smells in Tennessee. How when I cross the border I open my car windows and just take in deep breaths of that sweet nectar.

Recently I have figured out how Tennessee does it.  Somewhere the state takes a bath with this stuff .

I used it at my Dad’s house while watching the Laker’s lose the championship a few weeks ago and just sat there with my hands over my face. I looked like I was intesely watching the game, but in reality I was smelling my hands……

Since my Dad is out of town right now, I had to go water his plants yesterday. I did so on the way back from the dog park. There is something “not so fresh” about a visit to the dog park, so I decided to wash my hands. I was reminded of the glorious soap that awaited my handwashing. The devil on my shoulder made me take the bottle and slip it in my purse, swearing to replace it before my Dad gets home.  I rushed home and took a shower with it and DAYUM—I smelled so good.

Used it for my shower this morning and I STILL smell good.  I think I have to get the whole line of products with this scent and go to town.

Sure, I can get obsessed….but it’s soap! No one will get hurt by my obsession and with the heat of Tennessee summer bearing down on us, perhaps I will smell good enough to distract from some other person’s funk.

It could happen.


One thought on “Sweet Sweet Tennessee Air

  1. I know what you mean. I am currently obsessed with Midnight Pomegranate body splash and lotion from Bath and Body. It smells like delicious fruity candy. Mmm…candy.

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