Ain’t that a bitch!

or “Why being a people pleaser is dumb!”

For the vast majority of my early life, I was “the loud one.” I had a voice that carried. I got in lots of trouble in school for talking too much and too loudly. I was always the one who got in trouble at slumber parties for talking after lights out. Ask my mom, she will confirm–but don’t tell her I have a blog please, she doesn’t understand them and will think it’s a disease or something.

As many things in my world tend to do, the pointing out of this “issue” made me super sensitive about it. I made a point to speak softly as much as possible.

Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit, apparently I am an overachiever in the “speak more softly” category of life.

I am constantly being told to speak up. It’s infuriating!  I will repeat things over and over until I realize that even I don’t care what I’m saying anymore.

I worry that I speak even softer due to the inevitable hearing damage I have as a result of liking to be right up front at shows. However, the majority of my blame will go to all those teachers and mothers who told me I talked too loud.

I’d go yell at them…..but they’d probably not be able to hear me.



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