Single Girl’s Guide to Taking a Compliment

OK, there’s no way in hell I can actually write any sort of guide for taking a compliment. It is something that I simply cannot do.

Prime example, this morning one of the account managers on a particularly pesky client came in and praised me for keeping so on top of things. I immediately go into some random rant about how it’s just my job and the client is insane and it’s no big deal, etc… Fuck that. I’ve worked my ass off for this client. Bending the rules of the time/space continuum to get things done, worked vendors to the point of breaking. Damn right I’ve been on top of things. I’ve been so on top of things that it’s sickening. If given the chance to respond to his praise again, I hope I would say “Thanks for noticing. It’s been a lot of hard work.”  But I probably wouldn’t.

If someone happens to compliment something I’m wearing,  I simply must point out something about that item that makes it “less then”; the price, where it came from, how it doesn’t really go with something else I have on, blah blah blah. Why must I do that.

My favorite thing I do when presented with a compliment is basically argue with the person. Let’s say someone says, “Hey, your hair looks good today!” I will proceed to tell them that it needs to be cut or colored or brushed or something. Essentially, I am telling this kind person that they are full of shit and need to get their eyes checked. Nice!

Do I do this because I’m female? Insecure? Because it’s not nice to think too highly of one’s self? Because humility is best?

I blame global warming……..



4 thoughts on “Single Girl’s Guide to Taking a Compliment

  1. I do the EXACT same thing. If someone tells me, “I like your shoes” I tend to tell them the price. Like the cheapness of my shoes makes them less cute.

    If my husband compliments me I assume he is wanting something.

    Maybe it is that damned global warming.

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