Where’s Kellie Pickler when you need her?

So, former American Idol contestant Kellie Pickler doesn’t know for sure if France is a country. Nor does she realize that Europe is NOT a country, but rather a continent. However, she is not in a partnership with Forbes magazine and posting articles about where all the wealth is stored.

Articles such as this one http://money.aol.com/forbes/general/where-the-worlds-wealth-is-stored.  Perhaps if I saw Ms. Pickler’s byline I would not be surprised at the fact that they have placed Fort Knox in Tennessee, NOT Kentucky, where it actually is.

That’s how we do in the South.  Shelbyville is NOT in Shelby County, Memphis is. Knoxville IS in Knox County, but Fort Knox is not. Try to keep up AOL. They did do one smart thing and not have a place for comments on this article.

First no high speed and now this……..

3 thoughts on “Where’s Kellie Pickler when you need her?

  1. You know I and many others are sick and tired of people knocking Kellie Pickler down.. I think she did great for AARP.. I wonder just how many of you would have gotten up on that show and not be scared and could answer all the questions. I watch the show that night and they guy who cam up after Kellie did not even get to the 3rd question and he was a dama rocket sciencestiest and yes I am sure I spelled that wrong.. You want to know where Kellie Pickler is when you need her.. Well I do believe she was overseas on the USO tour making our servicemen and women sing, smile, and having a day of something besides WAR.. That is the Kellie Pickler you should be talking about.. Why always negative if people like you have nother better to do or say then I suggest you get a life.

  2. woot.. go Donna! hell ya… too bad some small minded ppl who dont know there head from there ass, have to make such comments. Then again those who usually feel the need to put others down,etc…. usually have very low self esteem , and do so , to make themselves feel better!

    Kellie is by no means dumb, you ever take into consideration of nerves, my Lord, you get on national tv. and answer questions before millions of ppl, or where millions of ppl will eventually be watching.. I dont care if u famous and used to cameras or not. Knowing , it up to you whether or not charities get money or not.. is nerve wracking. I think she pretty smart to walk away with 50K knowing when to quit.. but.. funny how, you leave out the fact that she knew the answer to the next question, she just second guessed her -self which everyone of us has done at some point in our lives. And instead of risking it, she walked away, pretty damn smart to me!! But yeah, had she answered she would have had at least 100K .. if not more, but she didn’t risk it, very smart!! WTG Kellie, 50k is great for charity! very proud of you!

  3. I mean seriously, do you just google Kelly Pickler and then comment on any bad blog about her? Maybe you should pull a Chris Crocker and make a video about “Leave Kellie Alone”.

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