It’s OK….he’s Canadian.

I’m madly in love with Michael Cera. Sure, he’s 19. Sure, he’s dating some Asian girl (why do so many of the men I love go for the Asian girls?) Sure, I don’t know him or anything. But these obstacles will only make our love stronger

Ok….I’m kidding. Well, kind of. I really am fond of the kid. Seeing his face on screen makes me smile and the characters he plays are always the kind of boys I like….at least the kind of boys I like in movies.

I saw Juno today and really, everyone should. Everyone with a soul at least… know who you are. I’ve been anticipating this movie for months, I think I saw the first preview for it at Superbad. Anywho, I can confidently say that it was better then I thought it would be. That doesn’t happen very often. The characters were so well written and so charming. The story is almost what you think it will be from the previews….but oh so much better.Ellen Page, who plays Juno, is pretty much mind-blowing. At first I was afraid that the character was a tad overwritten, but then I thought about it and realized that life as a 16 year old is, in reality, overwritten. Everything is so heightened. Add an unplanned pregnancy, it gets a tad interesting. Page’s performance was never over the top. She respected Juno as the person she was and played her with all the quirks, strength and vulnerability the part deserved.

Back to my love, Mr. Cera. He’s so beautifully uncomfortable with nearly everything around him, it ends up working as a strange confidence. It’s as though no one could actually be very self conscious and act the way he does. His character, Bleeker, well, he’s darling. He seems to be in that odd group in High School where he isn’t completely cool, but isn’t a complete outsider. The fact that they have him as a Cross Country runner is perfect. All the guys who ran CC in my high school fell into that gray area of “cool-ish.” As many 16 year old boys, Paulie Bleeker is confused and unaware of how to deal with his feelings, let alone his feelings about his best friend who finds herself pregnant with his child. Faced with the strong personality of Juno, he’s even more bewildered…but he hangs in there. The scenes when Juno and Bleeker are hanging out in his room take me back to so many awkward times in adolescence where you have these great opposite sex friends and sometimes you think that it is something more but most of the time you’re just confused. Who the hell am I kidding, it’s STILL that way for me.

Bottom line, Juno is a well written, well acted, well produced film that I would see 5 more times in the theater and will buy on DVD as soon as I can.

I spent my Christmas with my Dad, eating at Baja Fresh and watching a movie about a pregnant teen and it really couldn’t have been much better.

ps.  the soundtrack for Juno ROCKS and includes a couple of cover versions of songs….I LOVE me a good cover version.