All Present and Accounted For

I had a missed call on my cell phone when I got back into my office from a meeting. There was also a voice mail.

The voice mail was a recording informing me that if I wanted to make sure to not receive collect calls from the Davidson County Correctional Facility I could call some number.

Luckily, all my peeps are present and accounted for and none are in jail.

An interesting way to start my day, however.

I hope whoever was trying to get through to someone “on the outside” was successful.


2 thoughts on “All Present and Accounted For

  1. Lindsay got the same phone call!!!! It started out as a Davidson County collect jail call and then went into signing up for a credit card or something. WEIRD

  2. A long time ago, I got a call like that. It was 2 a.m., my phone rings, it’s someone panicked.

    Someone is in jail, there is a car wreck, I need to come there right now.

    I panic as it’s 2 a.m. and the brain ain’t working. I ask if it’s my sister…I ask if it’s her several times, including her name nad names of her friends and her (then) boyfriend (now husband).

    It’s not…it’s a wrong number.

    I hang up and go back to sleep…

    The next day I thought–I hope that’s not their one phone call.

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