Annoyingly Happy

I hate to admit it and am ashamed that I let it happen to me, but I fear that I am, as of late, one of those people. One of those people who is ridiculously positive and annoyingly happy.  I’m sorry, I don’t know what happened, but this is the cross I must bear.

I think I have come to the realization that in so many ways, happiness is not a result of circumstances or situations one finds themselves in, but rather, it is a choice. It is decision, whether conscious or not, to make the best of what is around you. It sounds crazy I know. A year ago this time, I would not have believed anyone who said this to me, heck, people said it to me all the time and I didn’t believe any of them.  Life, in my eyes at the time, was a struggle. A struggle to survive. To lessen the pain as much as possible. To get through each day, hell, each hour without crying. I was in a tunnel. I didn’t see the end of the tunnel, but I think I always knew that all tunnels (like all things) end eventually.

So, I sit here a year later and am so irritated with people who can’t just simply be happy. No one’s life is all peaches and cream all the time. But if given the choice between positive or negative….why wouldn’t you choose the positive? I’m not belittling the sadness and depression of people, trust me. However, I witness, numerous times each day, people that walk into any given situation pissed off or ready for a fight. Why would you do that? Why pick a fight with someone who you KNOW has a different opinion then you on things? Why figure everything is going to get all messed up, no matter what, so you might as well get mad as soon as possible?  Why assume that no one else is working as hard as you? Why think that people are trying to sabotage you? Trust me, people don’t care that much about anyone other then themselves.  Why not see the comedy in the errors of everyday life instead of the tragedy?

I am not trivializing the world we live in, it’s pretty messed up. But being angry and negative about it won’t change that. Each of us have our own set of problems, but dwelling on them doesn’t make them go away or get better. I’m not saying you should skip through the fields of life singing and giggling, but don’t walk into every room with a frown on your face.  Notice that sometimes the sun is shining. Notice the slight chill of fall in the air. Notice the squirrels chasing each other in the park. Notice the silly faces people make in meetings. Doodle if it makes you happy. Go to the park and swing. Play with a dog. Get a mani/pedi. Buy yourself a treat.

Create some little pocket of happiness in your life and before you know it, your pocket might take over your whole life and you too, can be annoyingly happy.  Sorry.

One thought on “Annoyingly Happy

  1. A perfect time for me to insert my favorite quote from one of my favorite books:

    Happiness is not a possession to be prized,
    it is a quality of thought, a state of mind.

    Daphne DuMaurier

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