I can hardly find words!

So, while taking the long drive from Chicago’s Midway airport to the Skyway last week, I saw a billboard for this.  That’s right cats and kittens…Budweiser mixed with Clamato juice. (go ahead, vomit, it’s expected)

Apparently this is being marketed toward the Hispanic/Latin/Whatever-is-PC-for-people-from-Spanish-speaking-countries population as the billboard was in Spanish and the drink has a Spanish name (which I am assuming loosely translates to “you must be DAMN drunk to drink this”).

I have always had issues with tomato juice in general.  There was one weekend in Vegas where I acquired a taste for Bloody Marys, but some food poisoning at the Subway in O’Shea’s cured me of that.  The idea of CLAMATO is purely terrifying. Perhaps in a nice sauce over some pasta I can deal with clams and tomatoes…but even then, probably not.

More then my fair share of Budweiser products have passed through my lips.  I’m not proud of it.  Much like the redneck boy I hooked up with once, it didn’t seem like a HORRIBLE idea at the time, it was readily available and I was already piss drunk. If they are the King of Beers, I’m either starting a revolt or building a boat and finding the New Country ASAP. The idea of adding a clam and tomato juice combo to this canned swill is an idea that sends a shiver through my body.

I’m all for ethnic tastes and cultural difference, but seriously people….this is just WRONG WRONG WRONG.


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