Blog Action Day, the Environment and Boys

I was sent a link about Blog Action Day and the idea of it seemed both intriguing and a challenge.  Since I am normally talking about boys or dog or inane things like that on here, the environment seems a tad “deep” for me.  But you know what?  I care about the environment…and not just like everyone SAYS they care about it, I vote on environmental issues and for candidates to share my environmental views. (Please disregard the huge number of plastic water bottles I use and discard…..I’m working on it!)

I also like the idea of a huge number of bloggers blogging about the same thing and having that subject NOT be about some people’s inability to wear panties or “keep it in their pants.”

So, here are my thoughts on the environment.

This past weekend I was in Southwestern Michigan for a family funeral.  After all that stuff was taken care of, my mother and I went to the Elk’s Fish Fry…I’m sure you’re jealous.  Many long time friends were there, including one who is in charge of a large plumbing company in the area.  He and I got to talking about a recent trip he took to Wyoming and Utah and how lovely those areas are, etc… He then mentioned that he is going to a conference in Colorado to learn about “green” building practices.  He thought it was funny since Michigan is one of the worst polluters in the USA.  His words were “Seems kinda stupid to build a green building by a coal plant.”  I told him I thought that was the PERFECT place to build a green building.  These little pockets of the country where green building has become “cool” are not going to fix the larger problems.  If we can start moving into industrial areas and show folks that building with an eye on the environmental effects is not only beneficial to the future, but not a big pain in the ass right now, then folks will do it, or at least not fight it so much.

The environment is not the worry for only the tree-huggers and hippies.  We all live on this planet. All those conservative types with roman numerals after your name….want those numbers to stop getting bigger with future generations, ignore the environment.  Blind people who are protesting electric cars (seriously!) seem to be missing the forest for the trees.  I know, they are blind and such, but seriously, BIG PICTURE people.  Perhaps electric cars will take away the urge for the government to drill for oil in protected lands?

I don’t have a fancy powerpoint or a Nobel Peace Prize.  I don’t have a lot of facts and figures to back up my ideas about the environment.  I try to read as much as I can, I try to limit my impact where I can.  I try to do anything I can so I can take a nice long walk with a cute dark haired boy and my dog in a field of flowers, or go canoeing with friends in a river that doesn’t have more paint then water in it, or walk outside without needing a breathing treatment. If we all do little things, big things can happen. It’s really the only way.


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