Noodle Needs a Dad

Want to be my Dad?

Look at that face!  That is the face of a dog who needs a man in his life.  He needs someone to play rough with him. To take him for rides in his truck.

Noodle, my dog, simply has too much love for one person. It’s sad but true.  He needs someone who can teach him all the things a male can teach another male.  Things I don’t even fake understanding.  He needs another person to truly appreciate all the silly things he does. He needs someone that can use up some more of his energy, so he will leave the cats alone. He needs someone else to laugh at the way he runs, and play  “tug” with him, and roll around on the floor with him.

This single mother stuff isn’t so easy.  The cats were one thing, but Noodle has brought a whole new set of things to think about to the party. So, dog-loving, truck driving, rough playing boys (preferably with beards) you can make a difference in a dog’s life.  Think about it.

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