Pure joy and unconditional love

Ok…so this one is about my dog, Noodle.  It seems like there are two topics for me these days, boys and my dog.  Eh…whatever.

So I just took Noodle for his evening walk.  That ball of fur gets so damn excited when I say outside that it isn’t even funny.  He jumps in the air on his hind legs and does pirouettes…. seriously PIROUETTES! He’s so happy to see his leash in my hand that he just licks me and licks me and licks me while I try to put it on.  Once we get out of the door he runs to the top of the stairs and waits for me.  He won’t go anywhere without his mom!  Then he runs down the stairs, the freakishly long fur on his butt bouncing with every step, his too long nails clicking along the way (he only lets me cut one per day….it’s not too effective).

Inevitably, whichever way I am taking at the bottom of the stairs is the opposite from him.  But I keep walking and he always catches up and runs ahead of me, while checking every few seconds that I am still back there.  When it is dark outside, I take him to the large area in front of my building.  It is between the complex and the street, but it is well lit and there is plenty of streetlights.  He starts sniffing and sniffing and sniffing.  Then he runs back and forth in front of me, testing the limits of his leash. He crouches down to be as aerodynamic as possible and goes to town.  It is HILARIOUS!  Tonight, after he did his biz, he went back to sniffing.  He found a dandelion and apparently was allergic because he sneezed really hard and blew the white fuzz completely off the stem.  He stood there for a bit, just looking at the empty stem.  He cocked his head as though he felt kinda bad about the whole thing…but then something flew by him and he had to chase it.

After some more running around like a wild man, he decided it was time to go back in.  He got to the end of the grass area and totally ate it on the sloped curb.  His front legs slid down the slope and his butt went straight up into the air.  He didn’t care.  He’s used to being clumsy, he gets it from his Mom 🙂  On the short walk back to my apartment he managed to get twisted around a sign, twisted around me and try to pee on the old lady downstairs’ fake flowers.  He’s quite the overachiever, let me tell ya.

Throughout this whole walk, I just kept laughing. Out loud. Belly laughs.  He is always so happy and so sweet and so confident in whatever random thing he is doing. It seems kinda pitiful, but words can’t describe how much I love my dog.  I love my cats just as much, but it is just different.  I don’t see a cat nose the second the door opens a bit. If I say the word “Kisses” to the cats, they couldn’t care less. They don’t like to ride in the car or sit on patios with cocktails.  It’s simply a different thing.

It seems a good day to blather on about my dog since when he was a tiny puppy, he was a pirate! Check out the peg leg!

Dear God, I love that face!

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