New T-shirts!

I don’t wear t-shirts that often, but am obsessed with all of the great designs there are out there. Yes….Threadless and sites like it are my crack, I can’t help it.

Here are the two shirts I received today:

I’m thinking of making pillows out of all the cool t-shirts I have already or find and using them to decorate the second bedroom I will have in a few months when I move. Gotta support those creative types out there 🙂

2 thoughts on “New T-shirts!

  1. Making pillows out of t-shirts…You are one crafty girl! Maybe you could do a quilt after you run out of pillow space. This all reminds me of a New Kids on the Block pillowcase I used to have. I would spend hours kissing my pillow aka Joey McIntyre…those were the days.

  2. Well, I have crafty goals 🙂 My mom made me a quilt out of my t-shirts from when I was a kid.

    I had an NKOTB pillowcase too. Yes, I was a bit old to be into them. It was a secret love that few understood aka: the story of my life.

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