AHC Day 31!

Yeah–it’s 9 minutes until August is over and I’m just writing this post. I’m a procrastinator in nature 🙂

The thing of happiness that I was thinking about a lot today is just being happy in general.  A friend asked me if I had felt that August was happier then July had been since I was taking the August Happiness Challenge.  I don’t think it was actually any “happier” but I definitely felt that I was more cognizant of the things that make me happy. It is usually little things that I notice making me happy, like a song on the radio or a good hair day or the right look from the right boy.  But I think you can only notice and appreciate these things if you have a general foundation of happiness. If you have the love and support of friends and family. If you have a job you enjoy and people you enjoy working with. If you have a comfortable home and a happy little dog to greet you when you get there, THEN you can notice the little things. You can be present and aware and ideally, your happiness will be contagious.

So there, two minutes until August is over now.  I can’t wait to see what September has to offer.