A quandry

It has been said to me about a million times that a girl can have sex anytime she wants to. As a female, I don’t feel this to be true. I understand the power of the uterus (I know…it’s more the boobs…but whatever) I’ve had many a free drink, a jar opened, a box carried and even gotten out of some traffic tickets because I am a girl.  But I cannot, for the life of me, think of a time when I was wanting the sex and felt confident enough to just go out and get it.

OK fellas, let’s set a scene. It’s a bar. You’re hanging out, playing trivia or darts or just sitting there drinking.  You’ve been chatting to a lady for awhile, good conversation, things in common, little bit of flirtatious behavior, the usual. Perhaps this person is a friend. Perhaps you just met. The night is winding down and she says “Hey, I’ve had fun with you tonight and would like that to continue (or something similar)” and then bats her eyelashes or something like that.  Do you think “awww yeah!” or “shit….she wants to date me” or even worse “dang ho….I’ll hit that…but you are Slutty McSkankerson and I will probably never talk to you again.”  Or what if the girl just kind of moves in closer and plants one on ya? What would you do/think then? 

Is this forward behavior attractive or repulsive? Do you have any respect for the girl who simply has a desire for sex with a man and is willing to go after it? Will you just make out with a girl for awhile because it’s fun to make out? Are these questions proof of our evolution, or precursors to our demise?

I’ve got questions people. I need answers. I need to get my hands on a boy.


AHC Day 30!

Today’s happy thought is brought to you by white cotton panties. Soft, perfectly fitting, gleaming white cotton bikini Victoria’s Secret panties. In my mind, they are incredibly sexy.  They aren’t overt in their sexuality, but rather, alluring in what they don’t give away. They cover what they are meant to cover…but don’t cover it with garish colors or patterns.  The white is a lovely contrast to the last hints of a summer tan.

White cotton panties rock…and I’ve got mine on today….so consider yourselves warned!