This may explain a lot…

So–when I came across the image below, I instantly thought that were I to ever be dumped again (ha ha ha, like that isn’t pretty darn likely!) I would send the boy this picture:

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Not that I’ve ever been “thrown out” of anywhere (other then Denny’s once for singing the Beastie Boys’ “Paul Revere” while standing on the chairs…but that’s a whole different thing.)  I’m much more experienced in the “hey, that guy I’ve been dating, sleeping with, etc….haven’t seen him. I could call….but what if we broke up. I’d hate to hear that.” type of break up.

I have it on the authority of a friend —a MARRIED friend— that my kitty picture would probably do the trick and lead to a long relationship.  YES!  I’m thinking I might want to find the guy before I plan how to thwart him breaking up with me.  But when the universe (or an lolcat website) sends you signs, you best pay attention to them!

I’m just saying……


AHC Day 29!

Today, the thing that brings me happiness is that I am alive, basically healthy (stupid cough!) and that my life is full of little blessings and big friendships.

One of my coworkers’ husband was killed in a car accident last night.  She’s 25, been married to him for like 2 years and they just moved into their first house last week. I can’t even begin to imagine what she must be going through.  I do know, that they had a good marriage and from what I’ve heard they enjoyed each other very much.  She is a very positive and jovial person, and hopefully this will not kill that in her.

So, be happy you’re alive and that you are loved (because we all are!) and smile, it just ain’t that bad.