AHC Day 23!

oooo–that rhymes!

So, for the first time in God knows how long, I went to Burger King to grab a bite.  I try to not eat TOO much fast food, plus that big headed king freaks my ass out!  But, I had a craving for a Whopper Jr. and there was no line. The most amazing thing to me about a Whopper Jr. is that the second I bite into it, I’m like 9 years old sitting in a brand new Burger King in Edmond Oklahoma.  That was the first Burger King I had ever been too and no matter where you are, the burgers taste exactly the same.

Variety may be the spice of life, but there is something to be said for consistency. I like knowing that my dog is ALWAYS going to be happy to see me.  I like to know that Mondays are corn nugget day at Sylvan Park Restaurant in Melrose. I like to know that they will always have Tomato Basil soup at Bread and Company. I like to know that I will always hear “Crazy Eddie” at Reckless Kelly shows. I like to know that Nathan will always tell me to “be safe.” I like to know that I will always get Boba at least once with Gwac Gwac when I am in LA. I like to know that the sun rises in the East and sets in the West and that the best place to watch it set is at Redondo Beach.  I like to know that my cats will always sit on the bathroom counter while I get ready. I like to know that watching “Sex & the City” or “Freaks & Geeks” will always make me happy.  I like to know that, no matter what, as many things are never the same, there are a few things that are reliable and comforting and always there for me.

I’m all for spontaneuos, but don’t dis the expected.  There is great solace in the expected.