AHC Day 22!

Is it me, or is this month going fast?


Today’s happiness is brought to you by Ear Injury.  She is a friend of mine and if you say her name really fast it sounds like you are saying “ear injury” 🙂  She and I went to dinner last night and had a grand time.  Time spent with her is always grand, even when we both worked at our previous job (where few things were grand, other then the time spent woth co-workers!) She is much younger then me, but has got her stuff together.  We can have ridiculous conversations where we laugh so hard we cry, or in depth conversations where we figure out all kinds of things.  She rocks!

All of my friends are the source for most of my happiness in life, be they girlfriends, fuzzy friends or furry friends. I’m a lucky, lucky girl to have the friends I have, lucky, lucky, lucky!