It must be stated that I LOVE Ben Folds, with or without the Five.

“Brick” just shuffled up on my iPod.

A heart wrenching song.

It took me back to my days working in the music dept. at a large book store.  We got to choose the music that played overhead and I played ‘Whatever & Ever Amen” at LEAST once a day. The timing of “Brick” getting radio airplay happened to coincide with a co-worker of mine pretty much living the story of the song. He came up to me one day and asked if I understood what the song was about. I said yes and then he asked me if he understood how that was SO his life?

It dawned on me then that there is a collective subconscious in the world and things like movies and songs and books show up in your life exactly when you need them. 

I asked this fine fella if he wanted me to stop playing the CD so much and he said “Hell no! You playing it makes me understand that I’m not alone in this situation and that helps.”  That’s right, a piano playing, glasses wearing, geek chic musician from the South was helping my sweet little friend in Southern California and all was going to be alright with the world.

Anyone want to ask me again why I like music?


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