AHC Day 21!

My family isn’t big on traditions. It’s not that we are anti-tradition, there simply aren’t many to be had.  There is, however, one thing that is an important aspect of our family, “The Haley Special.”

A Haley Special is vanilla ice cream (the best you can get your hands on) dry roasted peanuts (full salt and preferably Planters…..although my Grandma used to swear that H.E.B. brand was better) and Hershey’s syrup. OMG—SO GOOD!  Every summer at my Grandma’s house on South Padre Island in TX, we would eat these lovely things from pink Tupperware bowls sitting on the back deck watching the wind have it’s way with the sea oats.  Those bowls are long gone and the open field behind my grandparents old house is now a sea of condos.  But last night, eating it out of my pink fiestaware bowl, it was almost like I was a kid again.

I guess if you’re not going to have many traditions, make the ones you have count.  If I ever have a restaurant–this will SO be on the menu 🙂


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