Yet another post about what I am looking for in a boy/relationship.

A friend and I got into a conversation about what one looks for in a relationship.  I claimed that I didn’t really know what I was looking for anymore. Their response was this:

Don’t you want a companion that is also your best friend?  That’s my main goal.  I like having a warm body around to tell my mundane stories about my day to.  Someone who actually cares that I hit only 2 stoplights on the way home.  Stuff like that.  That’s what’s best about any relationship, I think.  That and good cuddle time!

Reading those words it hit me that what I am looking for is exactly that! Companionship and nookie. Someone who notices that I tend to wear the same outfits on the same days of the week. Someone who will pick up my prescriptions for me. Someone I can make dinner for. Someone who I can write silly notes to that will think they are romantic and cute. Someone who will surprise me by showing up at my office with my dog and a picnic lunch, or who I can surprise with the same thing. Someone I can buy cute t-shirts for in the boy’s section.  Someone who lets me pick out their boxers for them. Someone who will think it’s funny when they slip into my dreams or when every song  I hear I relate to them.

So there you have it. Dark hair, guitar and angst are optional. Sense of humor is not optional. Creative skills are optional (well, I mean like artistic–“creativity” in other arenas is always appreciated-heh heh heh). Passion is not optional.


AHC Day 20!

note: Weekends are happy enough. Unless something ridiculously stupendous happens, Saturday and Sunday don’t need posts.

IT RAINED LAST NIGHT!!!  A big ol’ thunderboomer storm came through about 11:30 and water fell from the sky–it was amazing. We need about 30 more of these and perhaps we can catch up.  Rain also means that it’s humid, which is ok I guess. It makes me have “sex hair” which apparently makes me look happy.  I’d look happier if I “earned” the sex hair, but I’ll take what I can get.

40 days until the Reckless Kelly show at Exit-In——-WOOO HOOOO!