If anyone asks

If anyone asked me what I wanted to do tonight I would know exactly what I would say.

  • First off, I would like to be with a boy.  I have some boys in mind and any one of them, or others of their ilk would work.
  • I’d like to hang out.  Maybe have a cocktail, but not get plastered.  Grab a bite–sure, but not necessary.
  • We would eventually end up at one of our places of residence. Sitting on a couch (loveseats work, heck, a futon is fine.) We would chat about stupid things that make us laugh.  Occasionally revealing little insights into each other’s minds, beliefs, desires, etc…
  • At some point we would hold hands. I would play with his fingers, enjoy the manliness of them, all while continuing to talk, or just sitting there in silence.  Never discussing the hand holding…that’s the best part.
  • The culmination of this evening would not be bumpin’ nasties (which is my current favorite term for intercourse) Some smoochy smoochy, that’ll work.  The majority of clothes would remain on. 
  • It would become too late to go home, so it would be decided that we should just crawl into bed. I want to sleep with the breath of someone else occasionally blowing past my neck.  With the warmth of another person mixing with mine. I’d even share a pillow…and I don’t like to do that.
  • In the morning, we would wake up and it wouldn’t be awkward or uncomfortable, it would be good. Good-byes would be said. Hugs would be shared and we’d start off our Friday in a good mood.

That is what I would like to do tonight.  If someone asked me I would probably say, “Oh whatever.”  But the above is what I would mean.  Seriously.  SERIOUSLY!


4 thoughts on “If anyone asks

  1. Call me crazy, but I can’t see anything bad about your desire…

    I often find myself yearning for a companion to share a meal with or to watch a DVD with me on the couch….

    To quote Jerry Seinfeld from “The Chinese Restaurant,” “I can’t just sit there and make sarcastic comments to myself…”

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