If anyone asks

If anyone asked me what I wanted to do tonight I would know exactly what I would say.

  • First off, I would like to be with a boy.  I have some boys in mind and any one of them, or others of their ilk would work.
  • I’d like to hang out.  Maybe have a cocktail, but not get plastered.  Grab a bite–sure, but not necessary.
  • We would eventually end up at one of our places of residence. Sitting on a couch (loveseats work, heck, a futon is fine.) We would chat about stupid things that make us laugh.  Occasionally revealing little insights into each other’s minds, beliefs, desires, etc…
  • At some point we would hold hands. I would play with his fingers, enjoy the manliness of them, all while continuing to talk, or just sitting there in silence.  Never discussing the hand holding…that’s the best part.
  • The culmination of this evening would not be bumpin’ nasties (which is my current favorite term for intercourse) Some smoochy smoochy, that’ll work.  The majority of clothes would remain on. 
  • It would become too late to go home, so it would be decided that we should just crawl into bed. I want to sleep with the breath of someone else occasionally blowing past my neck.  With the warmth of another person mixing with mine. I’d even share a pillow…and I don’t like to do that.
  • In the morning, we would wake up and it wouldn’t be awkward or uncomfortable, it would be good. Good-byes would be said. Hugs would be shared and we’d start off our Friday in a good mood.

That is what I would like to do tonight.  If someone asked me I would probably say, “Oh whatever.”  But the above is what I would mean.  Seriously.  SERIOUSLY!


Over it!

It is 103 degrees outside…..ONE HUNDRED AND THREE!  This is seriously just getting stupid. My car air conditioner can’t keep up.  My home air conditioner can’t keep up.  I fear my brain is being poached inside my skull.  I get up extra early to walk my poor dog (and I HATE to get up early) and the getting up early really sucks since I stay up late to walk him also.

Driving around town you feel like Nashville has become Zombie-ville.  People who are outside look like the living dead.  Everyone is walking slower, but there is a look on their face as though they want to go fast to get out of the sweltering mess, but can’t.  It’s a desperate look. We’re going on 3 weeks of this with no end in sight.  The lawns are burned up, everything is covered in dirt and dust, no one is looking too happy.

Oh well, at least it’s not humid.

AHC Day 16!

This morning, when I got into my no longer over heating car–THANK YOU JOHNNY @ AMERICAN AUTOCARE!!–the frist song I heard was “Heavenly Day” by Patty Griffin.

If that song doesn’t make you happy, well, that sucks for you.  It’s one of my favorite songs of all time and I have had multiple dreams where it was the song at my wedding.  One involved me marrying two brothers…..but that’s a story for another day.

Oh heavenly day, all the clouds blew away
Got no trouble today with anyone
The smile on your face I live only to see
It’s enough for me, baby, it’s enough for me
Oh, heavenly day, heavenly day, heavenly day

Tomorrow may rain with sorrow
Here’s a little time we can borrow
Forget all our troubles in these moments so few
All we’ve got right now, the only thing that
All we really have to do
Is have ourselves a heavenly day
Lay here and watch the trees sway
Oh, can’t see no other way, no way, no way
Heavenly day, heavenly day, heavenly day

No one at my shoulder bringing me fears
Got no clouds up above me bringing me tears
Got nothing to tell you, I’ve got nothing much to say
Only I’m glad to be here with you
On this heavenly, heavenly, heavenly, heavenly
Heavenly day, all the trouble’s gone away
Oh, for a while anyway, for a while anyway
Heavenly day, heavenly day, heavenly day

Deep sigh…..