Blogette 18

Porn at work.

Would seem like a bad thing.

However, I must admit that I have spent the last half hour or so on this site and well…….SIGH.

I know it is not at all unique to be a woman who loves shoes, but look at a few pages of this site and tell me that they are not works of art.  Works of art that you can wear. Works of art that always fit. Works of art that are attainable, if for nothing else then trying on.

I love shoes!!!


Another reason to not smoke

disclaimer: it is not that rare a sight to see me with a cigarette in my hand. If that happens I am very drunk. But in general, I don’t smoke.

So, it’s been like a bazillion degrees outside the last week or so and if for that reason alone, I would think the smokers at my office would cut back.  They haven’t.

This email went out to the whole company today:

Heads Up!  Literally – if you go out the side door to smoke, just be aware there is a bat sleeping on the ceiling of the alcove.  He’s sleeping quite sound and will not bother you, but just wanted everyone to know he’s there.  Happy Friday!!!

If this is not reason enough to not smoke, I don’t know what is.  I think bats may scare me more then lung cancer.


AHC Day 10!

I’m all about the band Stars these days.  Their music is theatrical and lyrical and smart.  All good things in my book.  This song, while seemingly a downer, makes me happy.  I’m all about the songs that acknowledge the hurt and sadness, but still have some hope.

I’m a sap.

I have also succumbed to the river disease I’ve been fighting all week and am convinced I have a fever.  Nope, not happy about that, but feel it should be noted.