AHC 4-pack

I had a little mini-break this past weekend, but never lost sight of the August Happiness Challenge.

August 3: Took the day off work. Didn’t sleep too late, but just got up at a leisurely pace. Ate some breakfast and then went to the pool.  Instead of reading, I decided to just float around on my hot pink floaty raft.  It was the most relaxed I have been in a long time.  I was so calm and relaxed that I didn’t even care that they decided to close the pool to clean it.  I spent the rest of the day napping and reading.  It was LOVELY.

August 4: Got to see my friend’s new place…it’s totally cute!  Then a crew of us went canoeing. See my previous post to find out all the happiness there.

August 5: Slept a lot. Took a lot of Advil. Petted my kitties and my puppy a LOT!  Went to dinner with my Pops and then we took a nice long drive in the country and I was, once again, reminded of what a beautiful area I live in.

August 6: I feel like I actually had a vacation.  I was pumped to go to work. Didn’t even care that it’s going to be Africa hot all week.  Life is good, even with black and blue legs and a strange cough (that is probably some odd river water disease!).