Who I want to be….

This isn’t a matter of work goals, or heroes or anything important like that.  No, this is about a person that I could easily be and in the deep, dark delusions of my mind think I am from time to time.

  • I want to be a girl who can go to a bar, alone, and strike up conversations with people who appear to be interesting and keep up my end of the conversation for a nice long time.
  • I want to be a girl who walks into a place alone and doesn’t feel like I need to have something to entertain myself with or cover up the fact that I am alone with, like a book or newspaper.
  • I want to have the outward confidence that I have in my mind.
  • I want to be able to go chat up the waiter at the meat & three and become his friend.
  • I want to be as popular as my dog.
  • I want to not worry that I am bothering someone every time I call them.
  • I want to find a boy/man/male that enjoys spending time with me as much (if not more) then I enjoy spending time with him.

I don’t really feel like any of these things are completely ridiculous or unattainable…but I might simply be delusional…it happens.


AHC Day 2!

I am happy that today is Thursday.  I LOVE Thursdays!  Thursdays rock because you can go out and feel like a rebel because it’s a school night, but know that you only have to deal with one day of work and then can go home on Friday and pass out 🙂

This Thursday REALLY rocks because I am taking tomorrow off. I need a mental health day in the WORST way.  I have no vacations planned and it was feeling like I was going to die sitting in this seat doing this job.  So tomorrow I plan to lay by the pool, read, maybe go get some canvas and do a little painting, paint my toe nails and play with my dog. All while the rest of the world is working.

I am going out tonight and hopefully that will be fun also. Wait, I KNOW it will be fun…it always is. I wonder what folks will be there…that will determine what kind of fun is had.  But whatever kind of fun there is to have, I’m down! I’m feeling kinda “party girl” today….East Nashville, consider yourself warned.