AHC Day 1!

It’s day one of August, so it is also Day 1 of the August Happiness Challenge.

This morning has been a pretty happy morning.  I made a SUHWEET mix cd that I listened to on the way to work. IT ROCKS ROCKS ROCKS!!!!  There was lots of dancing in the car….I hope the folks on 24 were entertained.

Then, I got to work and had a couple of people compliment my outfit.  I wasn’t feeling very cute today…so that was a pleasant surprise and put a little pep in my step.

So far, August is a very happy month. YIPPEE 🙂


3 thoughts on “AHC Day 1!

  1. What songs are on the mix?

    Songs that make me dance in my car include Sissor Sisters’ “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing,” Gogol Bordello’s “Start Wearing Purple” and George Strait’s “Adalida.”

    Yes, I’d say I have pretty eclectic musical tastes… 🙂

  2. Ok–and this is FREAKY FREAKY FREAKY–the first song is “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing!” *creepy music here* I have a nod to American Idol, which I do not watch, with some Kelly Clarkson (LOVE her) and Daughtery (seriously, I am THAT cool!) Toss in some Kings of Leon, a couple songs by my current boy obsession and a couple of Paolo Nutini and I’m all set. Um—the lips on Paolo Nutini are the things dreams are made of….too bad he’s like 19 or something crazy like that. The other artists that made this mix are; Leigh Nash, Plain White T’s, Freak Nasty (‘da dip baby!), Mute Math and Deftones.

    I love me some George Strait….I may have to go listen to him RIGHT NOW!!!!

  3. Hah! Nice mix! Lovin’ the Plain White T’s right now. Can’t get enough of Amos Lee. There’s always some Bon Jovi playing on my iPod, love Cat Empire, and yes, I adore Kelly Clarkson. I’m told I must get her latest album, becuase it’s all “angry girl” and, well, I’m all angry girl. 🙂

    I have always and will always love the Dixie Chicks. Every album, every song (except the “Earl” song…. that one annoys me) and they aer always there for me when I go for a long drive to clear my mind of wahtever boy drama or life drama that might be occuring. They’re also great for a cry. I put ’em on and sob like a baby to some songs. The sad songs are devastating. The happy songs are better than prozac! 🙂

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