AHC Day 31!

Yeah–it’s 9 minutes until August is over and I’m just writing this post. I’m a procrastinator in nature ūüôā

The thing of happiness that I was thinking about a lot today is just being happy in general.¬† A friend asked me if I had felt that August was happier then July had been since I was taking the August Happiness Challenge.¬† I don’t think it was actually any “happier” but I definitely felt that I was more cognizant of the things that make me happy. It is usually little things that I notice making me happy, like a song on the radio or a good hair day or the right look from the right boy.¬† But I think you can only notice and appreciate these things if you have a general foundation of happiness. If you have the love and support of friends and family. If you have a job you enjoy and people you enjoy working with. If you have a comfortable home and a happy little dog to greet you when you get there, THEN you can notice the little things. You can be present and aware and ideally, your happiness will be contagious.

So there, two minutes until August is over now.¬† I can’t wait to see what September has to offer.

A quandry

It has been said to me about a million times that a girl can have sex anytime she wants to. As a female, I don’t feel this to be true. I understand the power of the uterus (I know…it’s more¬†the boobs…but whatever) I’ve had many a free drink, a jar opened, a box carried and even gotten out of some traffic tickets because I am a girl.¬† But I cannot, for the life of me, think of a time when I was wanting the sex and felt confident enough to just go out and get it.

OK fellas, let’s set a scene. It’s a bar. You’re hanging out, playing trivia or darts or just sitting there drinking.¬† You’ve been chatting to a lady for awhile, good conversation, things in common, little bit of flirtatious behavior, the usual. Perhaps this person is a friend. Perhaps you just met. The night is winding down and she says “Hey, I’ve had fun with you tonight and would like that to continue (or something similar)” and then bats her eyelashes or something like that.¬† Do you think “awww yeah!” or “shit….she wants to date me” or even worse “dang ho….I’ll hit that…but you are Slutty McSkankerson and I will probably never talk to you again.”¬† Or what if the girl just kind of moves in closer and plants one on ya? What would you do/think then?¬†

Is this forward behavior attractive or repulsive? Do you have any respect for the girl who simply has a desire for sex with a man and is willing to go after it? Will you just make out with a girl for awhile because it’s fun to make out? Are these questions proof of our evolution, or precursors to our demise?

I’ve got questions people. I need answers. I need to get my hands on a boy.

AHC Day 30!

Today’s happy thought is brought to you by white cotton panties. Soft, perfectly fitting, gleaming white cotton bikini Victoria’s Secret panties. In my mind, they are incredibly sexy.¬† They aren’t overt in their sexuality, but rather, alluring in what they don’t give away. They cover what they are meant to cover…but don’t cover it with garish colors or patterns.¬† The white is a lovely contrast to the last hints of a summer tan.

White cotton panties rock…and I’ve got mine on today….so consider yourselves warned!

This may explain a lot…

So–when I came across the image below, I instantly thought that were I to ever be dumped again (ha ha ha, like that isn’t pretty darn likely!) I would send the boy this picture:

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Not that I’ve ever been “thrown out” of anywhere (other then Denny’s once for singing the Beastie Boys’ “Paul Revere” while standing on the chairs…but that’s a whole different thing.)¬† I’m much more experienced in the “hey, that guy I’ve been dating, sleeping with, etc….haven’t seen him. I could call….but what if we broke up. I’d hate to hear that.” type of break up.

I have it on the authority of a friend —a MARRIED friend— that my kitty picture would probably do the trick and lead to a long relationship.¬† YES!¬† I’m thinking I might want to find the guy before I plan how to thwart him breaking up with me.¬† But when the universe (or an lolcat website) sends you signs, you best pay attention to them!

I’m just saying……

AHC Day 29!

Today, the thing that brings me happiness is that I am alive, basically healthy (stupid cough!) and that my life is full of little blessings and big friendships.

One of my coworkers’ husband was killed in a car accident last night.¬† She’s 25, been married to him for like 2 years and they just moved into their first house last week. I can’t even begin to imagine what she must be going through.¬† I do know, that they had a good marriage and from what I’ve heard they enjoyed each other very much.¬† She is a very positive and jovial person, and hopefully this will not kill that in her.

So, be happy you’re alive and that you are loved (because we all are!) and smile, it just ain’t that bad.

Bernice Marie

My dad and uncle decided to bring in hospice nurses for my grandma today. She is my last living grandparent and by far the one I was/am closest to. She’s 96 years old and, really, has been living on borrowed time for awhile now. For all intents and purposes, my “grammy” (“Granny sounds old….”grammy” is a sweet treat..and an award, a MUCH better description of me!” she would say) has been gone for a very long time.

The last year or so that my Grandfather was alive (he died at 92 in 1996), she was starting to fade. Her mind, always a steel trap…wasn’t as lively as it had once been.¬† She no longer stayed up until the wee hours of the morning watching CSPAN. I knew it was really bad when she had no interest in the Presidential campaigns of 2000.¬† My Grandmother was a hard core Democrat. She changed party affiliation during the time of Richard Nixon. She took the elephant charm off her charm bracelet and threw it in the ocean.¬† It should be noted that my Grandfather became a Republican during the time of Richard Nixon.¬† They were pretty much at odds as long as anyone can remember….but that’s just how they were. Seeing her not saying a darn thing about “W”–the former Governor of her former home state and the goings on of that campaign was when I knew she was gone.

My grandmother grew up the daughter of the town mortician/general store owner in a small town in Northern Indiana, deep in Amish country. She went to school at Indiana University in Bloomington where she was on the girl’s basketball team and rifle squad. She kept diaries from the time she was in JR. High until she was WELL into her 80s. I’m proud to say that I have the majority of those diaries, but have respected her wishes to not read them while she is alive.

She taught Kindergarten for decades and people in Niles¬† or Cass County Michigan¬†still remember her.¬† She remembered most of their names also….for a VERY long time.¬† Each Christmas she would pull out the Christmas gifts she had received from students and tell me who it was from and what they were like then and what they were doing last she had heard. She still receives cards from a few students each Christmas. She’s definitely the kind of lady who left an impression.

I spent the majority of the summer from the age of 6 to 13 with my grandparents on South Padre Island TX. It was a great way to grow up. Half a block from the beach when SPI was still a small town. My Grandma babysat at some of the condos (she always loved kids) and I would get to go with her.¬† Every Monday, we did the laundry and the lady who owned the laundromat would bring us fresh baked pastries and give me tokens for the video games.¬† Every Wednesday we went into Brownsville to go grocery shopping at H.E.B. (until they got one in Port Isabel….oh what a day that was!) Friday nights was Shrimp baskets at The Jetties where Luz was our waitress. Sunday was church, then breakfast at Panchos, then going home to read the San Antonio paper.¬† They had a gossip section that my grandma would read and then throw down in disgust every week.¬† One week I took it and read it first…thinking she would be glad to not have to read it.¬† She almost called the paper carrier to get the section before she realized I had it.

We would play waitress for hours upon hours. I would go with her to volunteer at the Sea Turtle rescue. We would take day trips to Mexico where she knew all the vendors in the jewelry market. She would take me to the secluded beaches to get the best seashells.  She knew some of the shimpers on the island as well as the mayor. She knew everyone!

That is a teeny tiny glimpse of the Bernice Marie Greenawalt Haley that I will always remember. A lady that I got to know more then any of my other cousins did. A woman who made the best christmas cookies. A woman who taught me Spanish by using bilingual playing cards to play “Slap Jack” The woman who taught me to cross stitch and crochet and to stand up for what I believe in, no matter what.

She’s not completely gone yet…but I can tell it’s just a matter of time.¬† We’ve all been preparing for this for so long that I have no idea how we are going to take it. My dad, a true Mama’s boy, seems to be doing well.¬† His brother, hard to say. My older cousins are pretty removed from things. My younger cousins never really knew her. So, in many ways, I will be alone in my grief.¬† But I don’t know that I will relly grieve.¬† I got the best she had to offer and will live the rest of my days being thankful for that.

AHC Day 27!

First song to come on my iPod today?

“Rump Shaker” by Wrekx-n-Effect from the dubious collection, Strip Jointz: Hot Songs for Sexy Dancers.

What? Who DOESN’T have that cd, really?

All I wanna do is a zoom zoom zoom in the boom boom. Go shake your rump!

AHC Day 24!

I found the coolest spot in my house last night.¬† Fergus (one of my cats…the smart one) has been sleeping there quite a bit…so I should have known.

If you lay (lie?) on my bed with your feet in either corner and your body at an approximately 52 degree angle you get all the lovely fan action.¬† It’s not too cold, but it a nice addition to the AC. It’s sort of an odd position on the bed, but it’s worth it.

I am also wearing no pants today. A day with no pants is always a happy day!

AHC Day 23!

oooo–that rhymes!

So, for the first time in God knows how long, I went to Burger King to grab a bite.¬† I try to not eat TOO much fast food, plus that big headed king freaks my ass out!¬† But, I had a craving for a Whopper Jr. and there was no line. The most amazing thing to me about a Whopper Jr. is that the second I bite into it, I’m like¬†9 years old sitting in a brand new Burger King in Edmond Oklahoma.¬† That was the first Burger King I had ever been too and no matter where you are, the burgers taste exactly the same.

Variety may be the spice of life, but there is something to be said for consistency. I like knowing that my dog is ALWAYS going to be happy to see me.¬† I like to know that Mondays are corn nugget day at Sylvan Park Restaurant in Melrose. I like to know that they will always have Tomato Basil soup at Bread and Company. I like to know that I will always hear “Crazy Eddie” at Reckless Kelly shows. I like to know that Nathan will always tell me to “be safe.” I like to know that I will always get Boba at least once with Gwac Gwac when I am in LA. I like to know that the sun rises in the East and sets in the West and that the best place to watch it set is at Redondo Beach.¬† I like to know that my cats will always sit on the bathroom counter while I get ready. I like to know that watching¬†“Sex & the City” or “Freaks¬†& Geeks” will always make me happy.¬†¬†I like to know that, no matter what, as many things are never the same, there are a few things that are reliable and comforting and always there for me.

I’m all for spontaneuos, but don’t dis the expected.¬† There is great solace in the expected.