The word restless is perhaps the word that can most often be used to describe me.  Sometimes it’s a good thing, sometimes it’s a bad thing, but most of all it’s just an accurate word.

I’m quite restless these days.  I think this has to do with not having anything specific to look forward to.  No vacations on the horizon.  No one visiting any time soon. All I have to look forward to right now is finishing the Harry Potter series and the unknown. 

Anticipation of the unknown is a fun thing. My imagination can go a million different places. I refuse to stop believing that the best the world has to offer isn’t just a phone call, or a random conversation or an email away.  I cannot and will not give up the ideal that all of my dreams and wishes can and will come true when I least expect it. This is not to say that I am living in hopes for the future instead of the glory of the present.  I like to think that I enjoy the present as much as possible.  I take delight in the little things in my life; the right song popping up on my iPod, a cute face from my dog, a sweet sleeping position of my cats, a great conversation with a friend, a perfectly assembled sandwich, etc.

I’m not looking for huge, dramatic things….but I am tempted, right now, to jump in my car, throw my bathing suit and my dog in and drive until I hit a coast….


An HP free day

So, for the last 8 days my life has been consumed with Harry Potter. I have read the first 3 books and seen the first two movies (well, most of them, Beckham’s US debut beat out the end of the second one)  I have read well over 1,000 pages of the world of Hogwarts, Quidditch and the pubescent sexual tension of Ron and Hermione. However, today, Sunday, a day of rest, I have been completely Harry-free.  I cleaned my house, did laundry, cooked food, walked my dog, and took many naps.  But no Harry. I’ve been tempted with spoilers from book 7, but haven’t given in.

I may be the only HP fan who took this day off….and I fear that I may start book 4 before going to bed and not get any sleep.  But I cannot let another male rule my life.  Especially one that is completely fictional, WAY too young (and for me that is saying something) and doesn’t appear to have musical or graphic design skills.

I think this day off was a good thing.  I was starting to feel tied down to the books.  I was feeling as though I was giving more then I was getting from the relationship and if that is the case, I should at least get a good make out session 🙂

It’s just a day, Harry.  It’s me, it’s not you.  I’ll be back to obsessing over you soon, but I needed to take care of me for a bit.  We’re good.  You’re great.  I still love you, but I HAVE to put my laundry away.

On tap for the week: NO BLOODY IDEA, but I feel the possibilities are endless! 😀

Carb Lovers Unite

Added a new blog to my roll…hee hee, that sounds funny.  It’s dedicated to the most perfect combination on earth–fried potatoes.  Not french fries, mind you, ye old potato chip. Personally, a bag of chips can make me nearly as happy as a good make out session with a dark haired boy—NEARLY–but this lady brings the idea of chip eating to a whole new level.  Check it out!

Blogette 12

“Feel like makin’ love” has shuffled up on my iPod FOUR (4) times this morning.

Now the Deftones version of “Ordinary Love” is playing.

Got it.  I need a little sumpin’ sumpin’. I don’t need the damn Mac Gods reminding me.


That is all. Nothing more to see here. Move along.

Hot & Sticky

The forecast for Nashville today is hot and sticky.  A high of 95 with matching humidity. WTF!?!?!?!

Here is a list of things that can be hot and sticky:

  • fresh cinnamon rolls
  • bbq chicken
  • a night with the right dark-haired boy

However, I prefer my days to be warm and NOT sticky.  It’s the sticky part that kills me.  It makes my hair do random things. It makes my hands feel dirty. It makes my face all shiny and weird. IT SUCKS!!!!!!

I know, I know, I live in the South, this is normal. But still, I mean really.  95 AND humid, it seems a bit excessive to me.  Excess is fine in affairs of the heart……but not weather.

Musical Insanity

So, my eMusic downloads reset so I had 50 songs to choose. They had the new Josh Rouse (can’t wait to listen to that as I LOVE LOVE LOVE him!), an advance of the new Stars record (yes I still call them records!)–I’ve been obsessed with them lately, filled out my Flogging Molly collection, found a crazy compilation of pop punk bands doing 80’s songs (FUN!) the Frank Black greatest hits was a lovely find and I even dipped my toe into the world of the Avett Brothers. All this downloading made me think of some things I have on CD that are missing from my iPod.

I have over 1,000 cds. Believe it or not, I’ve scaled my collection back quite a bit the last few years. I have been jonesing for some Wilco, but of course the case was empty (BAD ME!) then I realized I never put the Alana Davis “Blame it on Me” cd on my iPod. WTF Heather….that thing is wonderful beginning to end! Then I saw Outkast and had to get some of that in the mix for work. The final CD from my collection that is getting podded (I just made that word up!!!) is a collection of French Accordian music….don’t knock it, it’s like sitting at a sidewalk cafe (just without the great wine, bread, cheese, architecture, etc….)

That is an amuse bouche of the insanity that is my music collection. No rhyme or reason, just things that bring a smile to my face—which is a pretty accurate description of everything I surround myself with 🙂

blogette 11

so, I was in the pool for over 3 hours yesterday–thanks JK Rowling– and as a result, I think I sunburned my lips.  They just hurt a bit and are more colorful and “bee sting” looking then normal.  So it’s actually a good thing.

I’m pretty sure they are more kissable then normal too…..and I have just the person in mind. *sigh*

That is all. Nothing more to see here. Move along.

Late to the party

I’m not one to be late to a party. Well, that isn’t completely true.  I do like to get there when I know things will be in full swing and I can just join in as opossed to creating my own festivities. But this isn’t really about a party per se.  This is about a series of books (and movies) that I have somehow gone nearly ten years without knowing anything about.  Yep, until this weekend, I was a Harry Potter virgin.

When the first couple of books came out I worked at a bookstore.  We had people trying to order the books from England because they used to come out early there. Staff people would open boxes when we got them in and sit in the crazy warehouse just reading their little hearts out.  Hello people, these are books for tweens—not adults.  Oh yeah, and they are fantasy–count me out.  I got so behind the HP train that I decided that I simply wasn’t going to get on it at all, similar to my ideas on friend twinkies. But here is am, 5 days before the “final” (?) book in the series comes out and I’m obsessed.

I read the first book over a 16 hour time span—a time span that included sleeping.  Then I went out to the pool with book 2 and before I knew it, was a third of the way done and had been bobbing around in the sun for over 3 hours!!! The only thing that stopped me from reading (and frying myself) was one of my redneck neighbors deciding to tell me all about the things that happen in the later books.  Jerk.

I went to a show last night where some friends were playing.  Lovely show.  Good music. Good conversation. Couldn’t be over fast enough. I had to flippin’ get home and keep reading! So, again, I stayed up until the wee hours reading.

At lunch I have to go get the next couple in the series so I don’t have to deal with any downtime. I had dreams that I was playing Quidditch.  I think Hermione rocks! I suddenly want to go see Eqqus in London.

Hello, my name is Heather and I’m obsessed.

For those keeping score… HP obsession has not curbed my boy craziness at all. But, it keeps my mind somewhat busy so I can’t think of Mr. T ALL the time.

Friends with benefits?

The concept of “friends with benefits” has been plaguing my mind lately.  I have had such situations in the past, but if I am completely honest with myself (it happens every once in awhile) those were more focused on the “benefits” portion of the equation. I liked these fellas just fine and would think about donating blood if they had surgery, but I wouldn’t give them a kidney or anything.  Mostly it was a situation where we were physically attracted to one another, got along well and didn’t have a “special someone” in our lives (well, one schmuck actually DID have a “special someone”–but that’s a whole other mess). They were mutually beneficial situations and somehow no one ever got hurt, they just sort of ended.

The situation that is consuming my mind right now is much more focused on the “friend” aspect. If I have learned anything in this life, it is the importance of friends.  My friends really are my lifeblood in so many ways and the thought of losing one as a result of hormonal actions, breaks my heart.  I’m beginning to believe that “FWB” HAS to focus on the benefits. But DAYUM, I can think of dear friends of mine who would be great to have a benefits package with.  Friends who I already occassionaly find myself holding hands with, or making out with, or just kinda sitting together all snuggled up and happy.

Here’s the weird thing.  I’ve had men/boys in my life who made my knees quiver and my stomach do flips and my heart melt even thinking of being in their presence.  Boys who I couldn’t keep my hands off of, yet we also had actual relationships. Boys I can confidently say I was “in love” with. I believe the term used in “Sex and the City” was “core shakers.”  But do I want another “core shaker?”  Why am I compelled to repeat actions, which evidenced by my current sleeping partners being a dog and two cats, have not turned out very good for me. Maybe I should go for a friend. A friend that I’m attracted to.  A friend that makes me smile to think about and feel content when I am with them. A friend who wants to protect me. No big drama. No soaring soundtrack everytime we see each other.  No running across fields into each other’s arms.  Just knowing that we truly care about one another. Want the best for each other. Have a great time when we are together. Don’t fall apart when we aren’t together.  Is this settling or is it a realization that what I have been going after my whole life, isn’t what I really want or need?

Oh hell, I don’t know.  I’m so hormonal right now that I have new found understanding of and sympathy for teenage boys. Too bad I’ve sworn off one night stands (I’ve only technically had one—it was mess enough for a lifetime!)!!!

Hopefully I will become so consumed with the Harry Potter books, which I am finally going to read, that all this boy stuff will pass with little or no damage done……..not bloody likely though.