I’m such a follower!

Not to be confused with a Followill (although it would be cool to be a Queen of Leon….would that be what the female Followill’s go by?)

Ok–I digress.  I will be participating in the August Happiness Challenge that I read about here. I’m not normally one to follow in the footsteps of a Vols fan…..but it had to happen eventually.

I have one more full day of being bitter and discussing things I don’t have.  Then it will be a month long happiness fest. A hot, humid, miserable, sticky (but not moist!) month of happiness.  I will probably throw some less then happy things in there, but I’m all about the yin/yang of the world.

Happiness is a warm gun….or is that not in the right spirit?


Blogette 15

Flippin’ Mondays! (I’m trying to clean up my language)

It’s hot as balls outside (um….not clean language…but it is true!)

I want very very very badly to call someone that I probably shouldn’t.(or should I?)

I burned my tongue at lunch….which the above phone call might “remedy.”

I saw 4 college aged boys moving furniture and stuff today and almost ran off the road trying to both enjoy and avoid the testosterone cloud.

I have a little over 3 more days to get through before my self prescribed mental health day Friday.

I DIDN’T go to the Music City Brewfest this past weekend….I should have!

That is all. Nothing more to see here. Move along.