The word restless is perhaps the word that can most often be used to describe me.  Sometimes it’s a good thing, sometimes it’s a bad thing, but most of all it’s just an accurate word.

I’m quite restless these days.  I think this has to do with not having anything specific to look forward to.  No vacations on the horizon.  No one visiting any time soon. All I have to look forward to right now is finishing the Harry Potter series and the unknown. 

Anticipation of the unknown is a fun thing. My imagination can go a million different places. I refuse to stop believing that the best the world has to offer isn’t just a phone call, or a random conversation or an email away.  I cannot and will not give up the ideal that all of my dreams and wishes can and will come true when I least expect it. This is not to say that I am living in hopes for the future instead of the glory of the present.  I like to think that I enjoy the present as much as possible.  I take delight in the little things in my life; the right song popping up on my iPod, a cute face from my dog, a sweet sleeping position of my cats, a great conversation with a friend, a perfectly assembled sandwich, etc.

I’m not looking for huge, dramatic things….but I am tempted, right now, to jump in my car, throw my bathing suit and my dog in and drive until I hit a coast….

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