An HP free day

So, for the last 8 days my life has been consumed with Harry Potter. I have read the first 3 books and seen the first two movies (well, most of them, Beckham’s US debut beat out the end of the second one)  I have read well over 1,000 pages of the world of Hogwarts, Quidditch and the pubescent sexual tension of Ron and Hermione. However, today, Sunday, a day of rest, I have been completely Harry-free.  I cleaned my house, did laundry, cooked food, walked my dog, and took many naps.  But no Harry. I’ve been tempted with spoilers from book 7, but haven’t given in.

I may be the only HP fan who took this day off….and I fear that I may start book 4 before going to bed and not get any sleep.  But I cannot let another male rule my life.  Especially one that is completely fictional, WAY too young (and for me that is saying something) and doesn’t appear to have musical or graphic design skills.

I think this day off was a good thing.  I was starting to feel tied down to the books.  I was feeling as though I was giving more then I was getting from the relationship and if that is the case, I should at least get a good make out session 🙂

It’s just a day, Harry.  It’s me, it’s not you.  I’ll be back to obsessing over you soon, but I needed to take care of me for a bit.  We’re good.  You’re great.  I still love you, but I HAVE to put my laundry away.

On tap for the week: NO BLOODY IDEA, but I feel the possibilities are endless! 😀


Carb Lovers Unite

Added a new blog to my roll…hee hee, that sounds funny.  It’s dedicated to the most perfect combination on earth–fried potatoes.  Not french fries, mind you, ye old potato chip. Personally, a bag of chips can make me nearly as happy as a good make out session with a dark haired boy—NEARLY–but this lady brings the idea of chip eating to a whole new level.  Check it out!