Musical Insanity

So, my eMusic downloads reset so I had 50 songs to choose. They had the new Josh Rouse (can’t wait to listen to that as I LOVE LOVE LOVE him!), an advance of the new Stars record (yes I still call them records!)–I’ve been obsessed with them lately, filled out my Flogging Molly collection, found a crazy compilation of pop punk bands doing 80’s songs (FUN!) the Frank Black greatest hits was a lovely find and I even dipped my toe into the world of the Avett Brothers. All this downloading made me think of some things I have on CD that are missing from my iPod.

I have over 1,000 cds. Believe it or not, I’ve scaled my collection back quite a bit the last few years. I have been jonesing for some Wilco, but of course the case was empty (BAD ME!) then I realized I never put the Alana Davis “Blame it on Me” cd on my iPod. WTF Heather….that thing is wonderful beginning to end! Then I saw Outkast and had to get some of that in the mix for work. The final CD from my collection that is getting podded (I just made that word up!!!) is a collection of French Accordian music….don’t knock it, it’s like sitting at a sidewalk cafe (just without the great wine, bread, cheese, architecture, etc….)

That is an amuse bouche of the insanity that is my music collection. No rhyme or reason, just things that bring a smile to my face—which is a pretty accurate description of everything I surround myself with 🙂