blogette 11

so, I was in the pool for over 3 hours yesterday–thanks JK Rowling– and as a result, I think I sunburned my lips.  They just hurt a bit and are more colorful and “bee sting” looking then normal.  So it’s actually a good thing.

I’m pretty sure they are more kissable then normal too…..and I have just the person in mind. *sigh*

That is all. Nothing more to see here. Move along.


Late to the party

I’m not one to be late to a party. Well, that isn’t completely true.  I do like to get there when I know things will be in full swing and I can just join in as opossed to creating my own festivities. But this isn’t really about a party per se.  This is about a series of books (and movies) that I have somehow gone nearly ten years without knowing anything about.  Yep, until this weekend, I was a Harry Potter virgin.

When the first couple of books came out I worked at a bookstore.  We had people trying to order the books from England because they used to come out early there. Staff people would open boxes when we got them in and sit in the crazy warehouse just reading their little hearts out.  Hello people, these are books for tweens—not adults.  Oh yeah, and they are fantasy–count me out.  I got so behind the HP train that I decided that I simply wasn’t going to get on it at all, similar to my ideas on friend twinkies. But here is am, 5 days before the “final” (?) book in the series comes out and I’m obsessed.

I read the first book over a 16 hour time span—a time span that included sleeping.  Then I went out to the pool with book 2 and before I knew it, was a third of the way done and had been bobbing around in the sun for over 3 hours!!! The only thing that stopped me from reading (and frying myself) was one of my redneck neighbors deciding to tell me all about the things that happen in the later books.  Jerk.

I went to a show last night where some friends were playing.  Lovely show.  Good music. Good conversation. Couldn’t be over fast enough. I had to flippin’ get home and keep reading! So, again, I stayed up until the wee hours reading.

At lunch I have to go get the next couple in the series so I don’t have to deal with any downtime. I had dreams that I was playing Quidditch.  I think Hermione rocks! I suddenly want to go see Eqqus in London.

Hello, my name is Heather and I’m obsessed.

For those keeping score… HP obsession has not curbed my boy craziness at all. But, it keeps my mind somewhat busy so I can’t think of Mr. T ALL the time.