Addition to the ol’ blogroll

So, I came across this blog called The Impulsive Buy which is a fabulous collection of odd food and food type product reviews. Nothing expert, but damn funny.

Here is a snippet from a review of a flavored sparkling water:

“I’m not sure how best I can describe the taste of sparkling water to those who still are sparkling water virgins, but I think it’s safe to say they taste like the tears from a devil.”



blogette 9

Here is the content of a text message I ALMOST sent last night.

“I believe that I need to have sex with you ASAP.”

Had the number checked and ready to go….but, for better or worse, never sent it.  Made for some nice dreams, I must say, and brings up the question….can I add a physical side to a friendship that I value immensely, but do not want to become a “relationship?” (or do I?)

note:  I saved the message, so it is ready to go at any time…..or for me to ACT like I’m going to send it so I don’t feel like a total weenie….

That is all. Nothing more to see here. Move along.