My mother=random

Below is a list of the contents of a box I just received from my mother:

1 package Lipton Garlic Butter Rice

1 box Ghiridelli Carmel Turtle brownie mix

1 bag greenies cat treats

1 bag trader joe’s peanut butter dog begging biscuits

1 copy of the latest Armistead Maupin book

The book was the only thing I had requested.  The other items are random little things to fill a box I guess.  What is odd is that I’m almost out of cat treats, need little dog treats to take to the dog park, LOVE garlic butter rice and have been craving brownies.  My mom rocks in ways that even I don’t understand.


2 thoughts on “My mother=random

  1. OMG, we have the same mother.

    I recieve random packages from my mother, containing all kinds of random things.

    Just today, I got an envelope with:

    -a pic of one of my neices. Just a snapshot. I don’t know why my mother included it. There are tons of neices and nephews, and this pic isn’t all that special. But she does look cute. So it’s ok.

    -my friend’s obit

    -a postcard from France

    -a newspaper clipping about saving for retirement

    -a recipe for some creamy chicken of some sort


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