Copy cat crusher

So, this is a total rip off of Grace but imitation is the most sincere form of flattery!

I, too, am currently juggling a laundry list of crushes. Each one seemingly more unattainable then the next. But, dang, they all melt my butter!

Player to be named later—*DEEP sigh* swoon…..I have not obsessed over a boy like this for a long time. He’s not a celebrity. He’s not completely un-reachable, I could probably make one, maybe two, phone calls and be introduced to him. He has a dog. He has immense talent and an appropriate amount of body hair. He seems to be a “thinker” with a sense of humor. He uses emoticons a lot. He isn’t afraid to smile in pictures. He seems to have created a life that he thoroughly enjoys. I’ve heard he’s a super nice guy….

My redneck crush: I know his name….it’s cute 🙂 He has a deep voice and a very thick accent. He knows all the regulars at the meat & three he works at. He has dark hair (that is nicely “sunkissed” right now) and bright blue eyes. He teases my Dad about what he orders and tells him to learn a lesson on eating from me. He makes me want to go there even on days when they don’t have corn nuggets.

My fuzzy/non-fuzzy friends: I have mad crushes on all my male friends. Not all at once, all for very different reasons. But crushes none the less. Some of them it is because of how their minds work. Some it’s the way they make me smile when I walk into a room…..or how THEY smile when I walk into a room. Some, it is the cute nicknames they call me or how they respect my opinion and challenge my way of thinking. My guy friends ROCK!

Duff Goldman, Ace of Cakes: A man who can bake and rock and has one of the silliest laughs I’ve ever heard. SIGN ME UP! Dark eyes and odd facial hair are just a bonus in this package.

All Nashville Musicians: seriously, all of them. Good, bad or otherwise. (although the good ones are the only ones that get “Get out of Jail Free” cards.) There is a pride amongst musicians in Nashville, a civic pride. Much like musicians from Texas, if a musician in based in Nashville, they will tell you. Then they will rock your face off, in a good way. They will lull you into submission with their sweet words and thoughtful guitar playing. Next thing you know you’re picking up the tab at 4AM at Waffle House and floating home on a buzz from free beer, scattered hash browns and testosterone.

My fave bartender in town: He calls me baby (he calls all women “baby”) He has my drink ready before I can sit down. He gives great hugs, killer shots and has a mean set of dimples. It’s a school girl crush….not lusty, just like being around him.

All these crushes take up a lot of my time. It’s hard work being ruled by lust. Now I just need to make lust and action vs. an emotion. 0:)


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