Could I be? I’m craving sauerkraut and fruit tea today. What’s it all mean?

First off, the likely hood of me being pregnant is beyond none, unless I missed something (which would not be cool) or I have been chosen as some sort of vessel for an immaculate conception (which seems like a LOT of responsibility). Regardless, I’m pretty sure (pretty sure = 100%) that I am NOT pregnant and am simply craving odd things.

I had a dream this weekend that a friend was pregnant. She assures me she is not.

What’s up with all the pregnant talk? Could it be guilt about getting Noodle neutered this weekend? I was so damn concerned something would happen to that little guy, I was a wreck until I heard from the vet. But everything went well and the vet techs got a taste of how Noodle tends to get his way 🙂 They had to change his cage 10 times. Is he spoiled? NOOOOO. Not at all. So far the procedure hasn’t seemed to calm him down…which is fine actually. I’m just hoping he won’t ever hump things now.

In “Exciting news from my world!” I put my laundry away this weekend. This may not seem like a big deal, but I went months sleeping on my couch to avoid putting laundry away! To give you an example of how long it has been since I put away laundry…I put away 3 turtleneck sweaters and a pair of corduroy pants. It hasn’t been below 80 in MONTHS! Getting ready this morning was odd….everything was in my closet and dresser…how on earth could I be expected to find anything!

The Player to be Names later has a new myspace pic. It’s so dang cute!!! Yeah, he and I were online the same time yesterday….it’s pretty much meant to be. :p


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