Things I have learned from my married girlfriends

It became apparent to me the other day that I have quite a number of married girlfriends and that they are all happily married….go figure.  These ladies are a wealth of knowledge for a single gal like me.  Here is a sampling of things I have learned about marriage from them:

  1. Being married doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to go out without your husband.
  2. Husbands don’t automatically take out the trash.
  3. It’s possible to have a crush on your husband and that’s pretty awesome I think 🙂
  4. Boy craziness doesn’t stop once you say “I Do.”
  5. The differences you have with your spouse make the relationship even stronger.
  6. Sometimes husbands come with great guy friends, it’s like a Clinique gift with purchase!
  7. Having different interests is ok….adviseable I would say.
  8. Husbands tend to think it’s cool when another guy hits on their wife….but they don’t encourage it.
  9. The marriages where disagreeing on things is ok and doesn’t lead to huge fights and hurt feelings are the strongest.
  10. Being mad at your husband doesn’t mean you love him any less.
  11. The way a husband looks at his wife when they are in public is priceless…and a wonderful/horrible thing for a single gal to see.
  12. There are some things you simply can’t share with your husband…and he knows that.
  13. Marriages aren’t about weddings, they are about random Tuesdays.
  14. Silly little habits can be both annoying and adorable within the framework of a marriage.
  15. Knowing that you have a date for events is a good thing.

I’m sure there are other things, but these are what I can come up with right now.  I’m still not sure I want to get married…well, that’s a lie, I want to get married but I’m still not sure I will.  I know this though, my husband will have great friends and I will have a crush on him, a stupid, unexplainable, embarassing crush.


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